The FlirONE is finally available. I looked at this maybe 8 months ago when the spec’s were first released, but havn’t paid much mind since. I was wondering what your opinions are on this? It has a dirt cheap price point since your phone is doing half of the work. The resolution of it is comparable to the Flir E4 that I know a lot you guys use.

I heard it’s better than all those $5k cameras…

The FLIR One is great!!!
I traded my FLIR T400 for the FLIR One.

Well, it is dirt cheap. Only works with Apple IPhone. You gotta wonder how good it really is.

You hit your t400 on the wall after getting frustrated again and need a replacement?

I heard a cow jumped over the moon but have not seen any scientific evidence or data provided by the farmer selling the cow that verifies his statement. :roll:

I do know you can see colours and cows on Ipads and Iphones though.:smiley:

I think it’s time to take your meds Robert.

Do you know if nachi has a deal for these? I was hoping not to have to shell out the big bucks to make a move and get into this tech. :mrgreen:

A deal? It’s only $349. It’s less than a thermography class.

Sorry Frank, a poor job at tongue in cheek on my part :smiley: I already perform IR/Thermal services

You don’t use the FlirONE, do you? :slight_smile:

Resolution for the FLIR ONE is 80 x 60

The drawback for inspectors is the client’s reaction when you pull out a cell phone and tell them this phone adaptor is your thermal imaging equipment. With no training and poor resolution the chances of missing a defect are great. I can see how some inspectors will try to hide all of this.

I couldn’t find the resolution anywhere on their website. Now I know why.

The MSX that is in all of their IR equipment seems to mask poor resolution… and may give a false sense of “seeing something” or not, as John M. wisely points out.

An example below… and this is from a 320x240 Imager, just a low delta T (measured an air return) with/without MSX. Also, the thermogram after a quick tune.

Native output.jpg

Are you deducing this on the couch again? Or in the park?

The drawback is you are lighter $400 plus the the cost of a Ipad.:smiley:

Ben did a few videos with one today. You can watch them here:

IPhone, it only works with IPhone. Not IPad.

Not being an Apple consumer for business and other reasons makes me deficient.
I can see it being able to link up with there Ipads if the gimmick catches on.

I want my client to have information.
This is nothing more than a marketing gimmick by Apple/Flir and I doubt the the founder would have moved in that direction.