New product: FLIR One Thermal Imager.

How much Nick

Ya should be ashamed to even offer that junk for sale. Ok bring it on!!!

I suspect it will also be the old model, not the new “Next Generation” recently released.

Nope. Latest model. We just got them in on Monday.

Any particular reason for the “Limited Supply” comment at IO?


It’s probably for the rash of newbies.

Some customers buy out the entire stock.

Yes I know and they will ruin the IR business that has provided me a nice income

We have members who own some of the best infrared cameras made, who then also buy the very inexpensive ones. I think they use them as a tool on general home inspections, not as stand-alone IR scans.

I agree but there is also those that will use the cheap ones to try to impress a client by placing a image in a report that means nothing but a red spot on the wall

Well, the inexpensive IR cameras aren’t as good as the high-end ones… that’s true for cars, stereos, and women too.

But they aren’t totally useless either.

Pretty much useless in My opinion because the general public can not differentiate between high end cameras and junk

Thanks for the link. Good review, from a home inspector.

In general, the more you pay for an IR camera, the better the camera. But again, I’m not sure this is a new revelation to anyone.

So please give us your professional opinion of which Flir home inspectors should use and why.

Love my Flir One and save money by using the already expensive cell phone to piggy back.Mine gets used every day.

Chuck Evans who is like Charlie is bidding on the C2 which is almost the exact same but has the screen built in.

I like toys, but you won’t catch me on the job with one.

Don’t really understand why it’s hard to understand, hobbyist tools… on a professional service.