FLIR Reporter 8.3 doesn't work on 64 bit Win 7 . . .

Fellow thermographers;

So I get a new computer with Win 7 64 bit. Frustratingly enough, it turns out that my FLIR Reporter 8.3 won’t install. So I call FLIR for an updated driver for Win 7. It turns out that the problem isn’t Win 7, but the 64bit version (at least that’s how I understood it). So there is no free update available. You have to buy version 8.5 (or something like that). I don’t really care to send FLIR one of my paychecks to pay for something that I just paid for a year ago.

I had similar problems with Google Earth and Quickbooks 2008. However, I was able to work around it by installing the programs on my backup USB hard drive. (I may have received the tip on Google Earth from someone on this board).

I’m not having much luck with FLIR Reporter. I can’t get it installed. I tried the “Run in compatibility mode”; but get this message (see attached)

Any experiences out there? Any luck with a workaround?

Thanks for any help!

Mark Easter

FLIR 8.3 problem screen.JPG

FLIR referred me to a sales rep who offered me an upgrade from v8.3 to v8.5 for $500, so I could run it on a 64bit machine. This is indicative of the current semi-monopolistic situation that we have with Infrared Imager manufacturers. How many businesses in competitive environments charge $500 for an incremental upgrade to resolve to an unpublished incompatibility issue, especially for an $8,000 software product? This is the kind of thing that has a negative impact on customer loyalty - something they will need more of in the future IMO.

For my situation, I now maintain a separate WinXP machine so that I can run the FLIR Reporter Pro v8.3 software because I wasn’t ready to spring for a $500 minor update.

I hope they come around before it’s time for me to shop for an upgrade to my current imager.

I recently bought that same $8,000 FLIR Reporter 8.5 Pro Reporter software for $995. No problems here.:wink:

I tend to agree (except for the $8000 price tag). It’s really just a patch/update that most consumer type software developers provide as ongoing free support. I definitely wouldn’t call it an “upgrade” because from what I hear, it doesn’t work with Word 2010; only Word 2007 and 2003.

So I could picture myself unhappily shopping again in two years . . . :mad:

I guess its just par for the course for the enterprise/business software market. Licensing fees, upgrade fees, support fees, ad nauseum.

Just another thought: Is it possible to “downgrade” from Win7 64 to Win7 32? Currently I’m not running more than 4GB of RAM.

Possible to install Reporter and Word on a server drive?

Talk to me when you need an upgrade to run on an non-obsolete version of MS Word.

What version of Windows 7 do you have? You can install a virtual copy of XP for free within Windows 7 and try to run it on that.

Download it here:

I think you can install Windows 7 32-bit, but you might have to buy another license from MS to do so. AFIK: can not run both versions on the same partition but may be able to with separate partitions. Expect to pay a performance penalty for 32 bit vs. 64 and you may not have access to the full 4GB of memory (even though 32 bits can address up to 4GB).

You can probably run Word from a server drive, but I doubt you can do so with Reporter. Not sure what benefit you are looking to achieve by doing so?

I’m doing fine with what I’ve got, thanks.

I’m sure you are with all of that one month of experience you have under your belt. :roll:

Figured out how to turn it on yet? Anything remotely relevant to the topic at hand or which might be of any use to the OP?

Actually I got into thermal imaging and bought my first imager over 4 years ago (about the time you joined NACHI) and took the ITC Building Science Thermographer Course which was presented by Scott Wood. I recently upgraded to a T300, completed Level 1, am enrolled in Level 2 for next spring and am building a separate IR services business. It takes time and devotion. And since you think you know it all, I’ll be sure to get a hold of you when I need some expert advice.:wink:

Yeah, so what’s your point?

OK Here goes - I’m typing this slowly so you can keep up:

The topic of the thread was FLIR Reporter v8.3’s incompatibility with 64 bit operating systems and the high $$ that FLIR charges for a minor release upgrade to v8.5 which is compatible with 64 bit. Also, alternatives to avoid having to upgrade to v8.5 just so that the OP can run the software on his new computer - with me?

All of the other posts were on topic until your little quip that you bought v8.5 and don’t have that problem. Well good for you and thanks for the tidbit, but we already knew that v8.5 doesn’t have the 64 bit compatibility problem - still hangin in?

The fact that you just purchased the software and only first installed it one month ago, means that you have not had to deal with the prospect of having to spend an exorbitant amount of money for a minor compatibility update… YET. When that time comes let us know, until then, your limited experience with v8.5 and your “No problems here” insight isn’t really relevant to the topic and doesn’t add anything useful thread - still keeping up?

If you jumped in because you needed attention, you succeeded. If you thought you were helping, you didn’t.

That was my point - OKay?

Sorry to upset you Chuck. Have a good day.

Glad to hear this about the Flir. Reinforces my choice to buy FLUKE

Anyone try this yet?

I think I looked into it back when I was dealing with this and determined that it wouldn’t work,** but I’m not sure**, which is why I didn’t comment earlier.

I looked into it. I will need to purchase the Virtual XP program because I only have Win 7 Home and not Pro or better.

I didn’t go forward with it because I don’t think It’ll work. If I knew it would work, I’d buy it.

I’m pretty sure that it won’t work because FLIR said it’s a 64 bit issue and not a Win XP vs Win 7 issue. When I try to install Reporter 8.3, I get a hardware error. I tried to run it in XP compatibility mode also; no dice.

Thanks for the help. Keep it coming . . .

So pick up a cheap laptop or desktop with XP.

Problem solved.

That may be how I have to go. The previous computer is hard broke. Otherwise, I’d have that one.