3.7 smartview

Well still having trouble. Fluke told me its on my end.
Well my computer has been in the shop for 2 days completely tore down and reinstalled, completely cleaned, new anti virus, crap it still is slow as heck.
Fluke told me to put it on a different computer. The guy at the computer place installed it on a brand new PC and it was even slow than on mine. This guy tried running with out the anti virus and even the damn firewall he left no stone unturned that we can think of. Any help please this is a joke.

Seems like most new thermal cameras are having problems with operating systems. I have an older model FLIR BX and have had multiple problems. I had a Fluke before it and was pretty bullet proof, but it didn’t have the new systems the cameras have now. So FYI your not alone

Have you tried turning on compatibility mode and set it to Windows 7?

Thanks Will I have seen here Flir user have had problems. :twisted:
Thanks Dom and Yes its on windows 7.
The computer guy installed SV 3.7 on new PCs like fluke said and it was windows 8 and it was slower. He said my computer is really fast as compared to most he works on, and there should be no problems, he is at a loss. He thinks that most people have not done the update as it just came out and most were gone to the IR conference, this may be why Fluke thinks no one is having problems.

My flir is an issue but i think i have it under control. The basic software wouldn’t play happy with microsoft word so the text was potentially an issue. No problems so far. You need at minimum a copy of office 2010 for it to work. Also the driver firmware for the USB port has to be updated. Wouldn’t recognize the camera connection without it. That one sucks because it will only let you update individual ports and not all your USB ports at once. Now i have to make sure i plug it into the same port every time. Contacted the Flir rep and got little help other that them telling me it was my computer. All 5 of them apperantly. Flir needs to get better at their Tech support and make connecting and using these cameras with your computer a seemless thing. Plug and play is what they should be aiming for. Has some losses because my camera was unavailable for inspections because i couldn’t get the pictures of the camera and in a report. Flir rep kept telling me it wasn’t their software and that no one else was having this issue. Anyway, i will be looking at other products for my next camera. Thought Flir was the authority and a leader in the infrared community but i’m not seeing it. Do your research everyone.

Ken, what’s the issue? I’m running it on a Dell 8G mem, 1TB HD, Win 7 and office 2010 and it’s running fine. Only thing I’m having problems with it’s a “B” to customize the templates.

It was running fine till I did the update a week and a half ago. Now everything is so slow to load and work with. Editing is extremely slow, slide bars don’t work good and the color change don’t keep up with it either. PIP loads slow everything is slow.
I have the templates were I like them took a while but now the reports are loading slow also. I should have never did the update it was just fine the way it was. Fluke said it should not have affected the performance as it was a bug fix or what ever thing.
I have an HP it is an intel-i3 with 6gb ram, win-7 and office 10. Like I said I never had a problem and fluke said my computer should run it easy. I am getting a new computer in 2 days same only i-5 and it will be a win-8 not sure on the office 10 yet as I heard they changed things I guess you can’t buy it you have to rent it.
Any thoughts.