New FLIR I7 I5 and I3

These are not actually new cameras, but have been resdesigned.

Notable differences are the higher resolution on the I7 and I5 as well as the 29 degree lens for a wider view. I will have some images over the coming days showing the previous image and new image on the I7 and I5.


An interesting oddity on the new I7 is that it technically has a higher resolution than a 160x120 camera with it’s 140x140. For building diagnostics I still would not recommend the I7 over the E30BX and defiantly not over the E40BX. If you are in the building diagnostics world, come up with the extra money for one of those two.

They are all the same price that they were previously. To my knowledge the I3 is still the cheapest priced camera on the market at $1195.00 list.


How do you think the new I7 compares to the Fluke TIS


Unfortunately for you, you live in Florida and should not really be considering either camera. Your location generally runs lower delta Ts than most of the country. Thermal sensitivity is already very important for building diagnostics and even more so for you.


So what camera do you recommend for doing diagnostics in Florida?

I JUST got the i3 2 days ago (older yellow model) is there a difference between the older i3 and the new one worth noting? Cuz i can still send it back me thinks…


FLIR is really good when stuff like that comes up. When upgrades happen within a reasonable time frame you can call where you bought it and get it swapped.

The odd thing in your case is how your distributor didn’t know. We were all given advanced notice on this and were allowed to swap out our inventory.


funny thing is that i bought it directly from Flir!

Really? That doesn’t make sense. Ya sure it wasn’t some website being crafty with their URL? I have seen some deceiving URLs pop up as of late that make it look like a manufacturer directly.

Ya know the more I think about it, I guess it is possible. Either way, give them a call, they will swap it.


I have the E40BX and it has a lot of features that is needed in a thermal camera. Although I could still upgrade, this is min. I would go with when purchasing a Thermal Camera. Make sure you are aware of the features that comes with a camera before deciding on one.

Sorry Reece, I didn’t notice your question above.

I would agree with Justin. The FLIR E40BX would be your minimum. After that I would go with the FLIR E60, if you can afford that much camera. Remember you will want to allow for training in your budget as well.

Jason Kaylor - JJ

With my budget I will not be able to get the E40BX now should I wait another year or get the E30BX .

What do you think is the one thing the set this 2 models a part the most.

You’ll be happy with one of these little fellas until you use a 320x240 - .05 sensitivity camera just one time.

E40BX is actually lower thermal sensitivity at .045mk.

That is exactly why I recommend it for the building diagnostics.


The differences are:

thermal sensitivity - (noted above)
WiFI - not a huge deal but nice to have.
Blue Tooth - not a huge deal but nice for reporting if you add on the moisture meter (in your case) and/or clamp meter.
Video out - pretty big deal for marketing
The digital camera in the E30/E30BX only allows for side by side comparison. It cannot do fusion and David Anderson will be happy to know it cannot do picture in picture. The E40/E40BX allows for both.

You could always lease to own your purchase and easily afford the E40BX. Or at that point you could jump up to the specification Brandon was talking about and go with an E60 and level I training. Then use your current capital for level II once you get some field experience.


I’m going to get a FLIR E40. Should I get the E40 or the E40BX? PLease explain?

Look at TESTO 875i. Much better quality for a less money.

For night time hog hunting I would use the E40BX

The E40BX is easily the best building diagnostics camera currently on the market…bang for the buck and features.

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Hey, don’t demote my camera.:slight_smile:

Here’s a morning little hog, shot with the E40BX … and a couple other things too!

BTW… thanks for the info Chuck! Spoke to Barry @ Infraspection… the guys are great!

Also… same hog different day and camera (T440)… :smiley:

E40BX plumbing.jpg

E40BX Morning Hog.jpg

Same Hog with T440.jpg

E40BX Wall.jpg
Good camera but not needed in my area yet!