FLIR School

I just finished their school here in Phoenix. I sent my field assignment in yesterday. Hoping to have the certification here in a couple of weeks. The instructor mentioned the cost of the school might be reduced or that the fee for level 1 training might be added to the camera cost.

There were 26 students and only two of us had Fluke cameras. I was the only Home Inspector. Good school.

Would you recommend it over an online course? Was it worth the money? Tell us more Gary.

Yeah tell us more. What was the school name?

I could be wrong but I believe he is referring to …


I would participate in a hands-on course over an on-line course any day.

I don’t do on-line courses.

Yes, it was the ITC course and from what I was able to research it offers a recognized level 1certification. That was my goal. The course had quite a bit of hands on lab training and a very qualified instructor. It is a bit pricey ($1750.00) but that did include some good lunches.

I agree with Dave that the Instructor led course is usually the best. There is a lot of interaction and I always learn from other students.


It doesn’t take them long to send you your certification. I know they say several weeks but it won’t take that long.
I did the Field project on my own home.

Thanks Jeff, I have a wood shop im my garage so I used my air compressor. The image looks pretty good.

Only one in my Building Science, two in level 1, 0 in level 2.

But then Peter Russel, his brother and one more guy where the only HI’s I remember.
It’s been a while, Peter may have a better memory than I.

Why might you think that is?

Don’t know for sure but I imagine FLIR is who most people think of when they think of thermal imaging cameras. The only criticism I have of the TIR is that I can’t change the emissivity until I have the image in the software. I have used Fluke equipment for many years and always found it to be reliable.

Gary was Scott the instructer

Dennis…Ron Lanier was the instructor.

Ah, Mr. Card Trick!!! :slight_smile:

Ron is a walking Physics book!
Careful what you ask him!

Fluke makes a good product(s).


You are referring to Scott Wood…

He’s a good man with lots of IR knowledge. He was my instructor for Level One Thermography training.

It doesn’t look like he’s training this year.

I had Scott as my instructor for the FLIR Building Science Thermographer Coures a few years ago. He is still with the Building Science Institute and recently gave a presentation at Inframation. However I don’t see that any of these guys are NACHI Certified Thermographers!!

Yes, but he’s not on this years list of ITC instructors.

Why would they want to become iNACHI Certified Thermographers? Their existing credentials are all they need (and better).


That is the Guy Dave made my brain hurt :cool:

Mine too, but wait till you get Ron! :ouch: