See What Thermal Inspectors Charge

I recieved this info from FLIR and they said I
could post it here at the NACH forum.

This is a pdf file on my server.

This may help in understanding what other people
charge for Thermal Imaging Services.

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The question I’ve been pondering is, is what training facility to go to. They seem to be priced the same (Flir, Fluke and some other non-name brand schools), same length of class time, but is there really a difference or is there just really one set of dynamics that you need to learn that they teach.

If I’m going to take the Level I class, I may just as well go to the nearest (or at least the facility that would be least costliest to get to) if there is not a difference in the education part.


When I talked to a FLIR rep, he said the “building science” course
would give a home inspector more real world information than
the Level 1 course. He suggested I take it instead of starting
out with the Level 1, because it would be more useful in my field.

Also there is a FLIR convention coming up in Las Vegas… in October.

There will be lots of training there… if you can make it to class the
next day (5 days altogether). Total cost is $1395.00 and free
hotel rooms if you register early (before June 15).

The cost of a used (demo) model camera is 10% off plus
you get all the same warranty and software… if I heard

Thanks for the info!

Thanks, John. Have to raise my prices :mrgreen:

Thanks John…!!!

I will probably go to Vegas…I’m interested in this field of work.

Here is another link sent to me by someone that has prices
to help you see what others are charging.


I’m thinking about going to Vegas too. It would
be 5 days of training and info for about the same
price as paying for one inspection course.

If you sign up by June 15th, you get free hotel
rooms for the 5 days. Not bad.

Thanks for the information again John, I just hope the motel is not in N. Vegas…:shock: …:smiley:

I almost got robbed buying a Diet Pepsi at a 7-11 a couple months ago…:smiley:

The store did, but they missed me…:smiley:

I’ll email you if I decide to go, maybe I can get Brian K. to go also…:ack!:…:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh…and John…!!

That price list is quite impressive.

Thanks John!!

I noted that it is going to cost $1395.00 for the FLIR convention
and $100 per class for some of the courses. Just wanted to
make my post more accurate. This is for those who sign up early.