flir T660 or T620

I am looking at buying a nice first camera. My inspection business is now well established and this would probably be more than is necessary to start with but I want a camera I can grow into and develop a legitimate Thermography business with down the road. From those of you have been in this a while does the flir T660 or T620 have this type of capacity?

Now that’s a switch. Most guys ask about toys, but you went straight to the top. I hardly think you need a camera that costs as much as a car to start out with, but you’re in the right direction. What kind of training do you have, because that is where you need to start. If you want a T series, the T420 may be more in order.

I have only started doing the Nachi Thermography course but I am making plans to get my Level 1 cert through infraspection. I am ready to go at this like a sponge and learn all that I can. I will begin to apply the knowledge and tool slowly in business as I gain competency.

Is the T420 a solid camera with lots of room to grow in to in your opinion Brad?

Taking your Level I class from first will help give you the information you need to make a purchase decision.

T420 is a very solid camera with room to grow in time and experience. A T640 is what a full time level III thermographer would use. I personally use a T440, but have to admit that it out performs me.:cool:

I am doing the FTC level 1 next week with the plan to do at least level 2 ( thinking infraspection just to experience both schools) within 3-6 months and am scared on what I will end up wanting

Why be scared?

Thanks for your insight and advice Brad. I think I am going to go the T420 route and grow from their. I appreciate your input sir!

Some schools do not give credit for classes from other schools. Please verify this.

I was joking about assuming the more you learn the more expensive it becomes as you will want better cameras, different lenses etc…not scared at all and am liking the t420 as well but have a lot to learn

Thanks for the heads up

I did Level-I with ITC and II/III with Infraspection. Before taking Level-II, I spoke with both Infraspection and ITC regarding this same question. Infraspection said that they would accept my Level-I and experience for admission into their Level-II course and ITC said that they would accept Level-II credentials from Infraspection for admission into their Level-III course.

That was quite a few years ago and it’s not automatic, so you will want to check with both based on your own situation.

Hi, have anybody taken courses from this online school?

Seems very convenient to have courses entirely Level One online, and the price is very low when comparing to others. However, not sure if this certificate will be recognized by other school.

I watched a you tube video that this school level One CD was a gift attached for Fluke IR camera. Perhaps it was some sorts of promotion, maybe.

Have one more day left and will post more when back home on a real computer but all I can say is just “wow”…Kyle take the level 1 class with whoever ASAP…I had been playing with an E5 for 3 years (only on stuff I own or owned or family members houses for my own information (roughly was 50k sq ft of retail and multifamily, and 8-9 houses making up probably 30-33k) mostly as a glorified moisture meter ( which would be verified with moisture meters), have also spent a ton of time reading stuff online so I thought the course would be more of a “answer a lot of my questions/ fill in the holes in my understanding of it all” and afterwards I would get a real camera. Well it’s a whole new world now lol…all of you level 1-3 guys, I believed before this class that you weren’t BSing, about anything that you guys post, but I didn’t “get it” like now…

Well congrats! Have fun with your new knowledge.

The trouble with learning is that the more you learn the more you realize you don’t know. If you decide to do Level-II, it’ll be a real eye opener.

This is exactly how my level one trainer from Flir prefaced the class. He said you will learn a lot but you will also learn that you don’t know what you think you know. Most specifically he was referring to temperature scales being arbitrary.

I loved level I and am very much looking forward to level II.

So basically, you are no longer “playing around”. Congrats!

I love the T-420, but I once got to play with a T-620 for an afternoon, and I tell you, there is nothing like it. Every other IR camera feels like a toy compared to the 600 series.

I’m not entirely sure the difference between the T-620 and the T-660, as the 660 is a newer model.

But if you can afford to go all out, go for it.

very well said and I will do the level 2 course but I am going to push it back to more like 6-12+ months, I want/ need to spend a lot of time with a real camera in real world situation’s first, the instructor let me use an e60 he had brought so I did everything side by side next to the E5 and again just “wow”, I knew before there would be a big difference just in the cameras ability, without taking any of the newly learned things into account…but again the simplest comment is just “wow”…overall it was a great and eye opening experience


and so many things that I knew I didn’t know but figured it was just a simple adjustment with a setting lol, along with things that I had noticed but didn’t realize what was happening

yeah the 6-series isn’t happening for a while lol, a guy in the class had one and it was impressive