FLIR Vue IR Drone

For the inspector who has everything. This thing even has parameters for indoor use.

Look at this on eBay:

DJI Inspire 1 w/ Flir Vue Infrared Camera 4K Drone Cam 1 One C2 Scout Inspire1

I see the pixel ratings are high enough to get even the most seasoned IR skeptic excited!! Think about all the possibilities with an enhanced night vision option… The holler will never be the same.

So the FAA says you can’t fly commercially, but FLIR is making these cameras for drones as a hobby?
Oh, and Rick, you’re a glutton for punishment. :slight_smile:

Thanks Frank. This was for all those armchair IR technicians who wanted bragging rights to the newest and best thing out there. Well, at the moment anyway. I see there are 10 available. Better get back to my eBay watch list.
Striated coral arrowheads from FL this week.

You need to come up here . Paleo heads and saucer sized megalodon teeth.
I found a Mako at about 3 inches from gum to point entact. You know that is rare.
Every creek or ditch will turn up teeth and bones.
My son has dibs on most of the good private diggs.

Didn’t know that, cool!