Flooded crawl... well hmmm, WHERE is the water "FIRST" entering

2:47 mark in video, eyeball the back corner, see several water stains, dampness etc on WALLS ?

Well lol at least some of the water is first entering THERE! smfh The INT system n sumps does not STOP that water from entering, hello!

only 3 sump pumps ??? why not a dozen?

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loollll right Jim haha

they just don’t want to STOP the water from where it enters, naaaah

hope you are keeping Momma happy sir!

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After watching the video, most people know that 13 are needed, Jim.


Crawlspace does not appear to be ventilated. No vapor barrier I can see, maybe one is coming. You are right about encapsulation, without it humidity is going to have a field day.

Just curious, to fix this from the outside correctly; how much more would this project cost your customer?

it depends on how much linear footage, digging, needs to be done and how deep etc

many homeowners only get water in 1–2 areas, not everybody but many. They get water in due to 1 or more cracks in wall or cracked parging on the outside of wall and so on.

example video, doing some exterior waterproofing to CRAWL walls… homeowner already spent $$$$$$$ on an interior system and sump pumps and spent $$$$ on shallow ext–french drains (drain tile) and spent $$$$ on new concrete drive slabs (was told they settled too much & were supposedly part of his problem lol)
—some of his exterior problems
:01 deteriorating bricks etc that were BELOW grade

:40 mortar joints

:55 ->> 1:10 deteriorated blocks at corner below grade

we did approx 65 linear ft by 3 1/2 - 4’ deep $2,750 which was MUCH LESS than the INT drainage system and the exterior work was MUCH more labor intensive versus the inside crap, give me a break with this nonsense… the INT drainage system does not waterproof ANY exterior openings as we see in videos

NOTE- some efflorescence on some areas of the exterior, guess where some of THAT goes

my price has gone UP a bit since this video/job, i felt bad for this homeowner as they already spent a TON $ so came in ‘dirt-cheap’, i won’t do that again

here’s a different video–view of exterior problems

:55 see the roots, one bigger bot grew through joint-block… again installing interior system does NOTHING about anything like this

NOTE- no protection aka no parging on bottom blocks eh loololll

2:10 root, water line and gap

3:00 small hairline roots can also grow in–through these exterior openings allowing water in as well

So again, even with leaky crawl spaces many homeowners are getting mislead, misinformed aka B shttt’d out of thousands $ on INT crap that does not, did not ‘stop’ the water from where it is entering


A tractor in the back yard would be more beneficial!