Everdry water-dorking told her she needed an interior drainage system $24,000

she recently bought this house, was NOT told, nothing disclosed about existing leaky basement (existing foundation DEFECTS) amongst other existing problems, yes she had home inspection. Everdry told her she needed an interior drainage system and sump pump, tried selling her a ‘multi step’ system for $24,000, pretty much the usual bullshtt.

She told me she leaks in 3-areas, I said okay, you sure can get an estimate on those 3 areas just know, somewhere down the road you’ll likely need a bit more waterproofing because of other existing cracks in other areas. In two areas there is a RAISED wooden floor on-top on concrete basement floor, ya dig? IMO, sure sign of water intrusion.

First 2 videos of front corner, exterior, this she said is the worst area, most water seeping in—where the bottom of foundation wall meets the floor

again, same corner…

Previous owner spent $$$ and had a concrete WALKWAY poured around 2 1/2 walls, against house perimeter and on this side also had a 18" deep by about 8–10" wide poured-footing under the walkway

…soooooo lol, first of all, how would installing an interior drainage system and 59 sump pumps STOP further water from entering the exterior cracks and other openings?

2nd, ya know many people pour concrete along 1 or more foundation walls (perimeter) and think the concrete solves, fixes leaky basements? lol yeah quite a few, hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo!

The money $ spent of concrete walkway and footing could have 'n should have gone towards fixing the ACTUAL problems!

areas we did cost a little over $3,000… THREE stinky azz thousand versus HOW MUCH spent of the concrete walk and footing??? Uh huh.

Then Ever-DORKS telling her she needed a multi-step system… an interior system and a LITTLE done on the outside for $24,000. he doesn’t need any INT system!! ALL the problems, cracks 'n other openings that are, have been allowing water into the basement are on the outside, sheesh… what’s that? Everdry honest and competent??? REAlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllLLLY??? No!

And so again as usual, another BUYER gets scr_wed, yep banged in the booty, pretty deep too because the seller lied, did DUMB shttt ($$ on concrete === WATER MANAGEMENT games!!!)

HI didn’t catch dogshttt, not a word about leaky basement, water intrusion issues, nah.

And follow that up with having Ever dorks trying to prey on her.

Eh, yeah yeah yeah, at some point she will need more waterproofing, she has x-amount of $ right now, is getting a new roof, stucco work done, basement windows etc.

Yes, two exterior horizontal cracks keep going, one can be done from the outside (actually both can butttttt…) one likely won’t be because big azz front porch is on-top on other horizontal. Porch is still in good enough shape so this is the ONLY time when a homeowner MIGHT want to install an INT system along part–of the front wall, but installing it will NOT stop further water from entering, from passing through the exterior cracks and won’t stop possible deterioration of the wall, won’t stop mold either but whatever, it is what it is.

The right thing to do for the wall, the BEST thing to do for the foundation wall (where porch is) is exterior waterproofing. Some can try n yap all day about cost prohibitive etc, eh… the best choice for THAT foundation wall going forward is exterior waterproofing, not an INT system etc. When I hear that crap, cost prohibitive… they are saying CASH-wise, for the HOMEOWNER, best thing is to install a terdball INT system. I am saying, hehehe again, the best thing for the F-wall is… exterior waterproofing.
Here an interior drainage system and 2 sump pumps that were installed… BEFORE the cracks n bowed wall ya see here… you could install the shtt where porch is too but for the NTH time, INT systems, nor wall anchors etc STOP water penetration through walls which can lead to deterioration of walls and bowed in walls, DIG?

…water penetration THROUGH foundation wall “CAUSED”… helllllo!!!
Installing interior drainage systems and sump pumps and wall anchors etc do not STOP 'water penetration through foundation walls, no they do not! Nope nope nope, never never never


I imagine with a few more decades, there will be more structural foundation failings. Thanks for sharing what you see coming, eventually the industry will wise up and adopt your position, though it may be a while.

Keep up the good work Mark!

you are too kind to the balding old Milk–man, thank you sir.