Flooding Shower Pans

There was an interesting thread lately on flooding shower pans to test for leaks. I was just wondering how many of you do that.

So far 50/50

In CA pest guys do it. Me no.

Can’t answer that question as worded. “Flooding” indicates an uncontrolled amount of water is added to the pan/base. 1-1/2 inches of water in a 4 inch pan is NOT flooded.

The last pest control Inspection I attended, the guy didn’t do that.

Well, I think you know what I mean :roll:

We run water continuously, but do not fill the pans. Also pull insulation around plumbing in crawlspace will usually show any issues.

We test shower pans with 1-2 inches. Not technically exhaustive because we don’t wait 24 hrs, but we find several a year that are leaking… If I bought a home and there was a leak in the pan, I would want to know.

I just voted yes and that makes 5 inspectors that know what they are doing and 9 that don’t know anything:twisted:

Yep! You think you know it all. Huh?

Lets put it this way I know more than those 9 that voted no;-)

Flooding a shower pan is not normal operating procedure.
If it is used often you will find moisture around it. I did the flooding thing for years until I got the carpet soaked on the adjacent room.
How often do shower pan fill up to 2-3 inches…Only if the drain is clogged and that is not normal.
You having the IR cam should be able to find it is leaking without filling the pan.Correct?

I take it you are one of the nine:p

Yes! after paying Stanley Steamer to clean up the mess…
I do run my moisture meter around every adjacent wall just to see it is leaking.

What good is that if all you do is run water in the shower that is not standard testing procedures.

Your standard testing procedures is different than mine.

My procedure is taken from contractors that install shower pans. I did not make it up but I did add my own touch by using the IR in conjunction with a moisture meter. The IR keeps me from wasting time.

Here is the shower pan from this morning on a 6 year old shower

You really should do more reading about shower pans Google works real good;-)

You should give your recommendations to someone other than me. I don’t care about your recommendations a bit.
I have installed very many either with the pan or the liner or both.

And they prolly leaked before their time:p

Fortunately in my area we have Very Few tiled shower pans. Maybe the builders/renovators figured out the odds of future leaks was to great, compared to one piece plastic/fiberglass pans. :wink: