Shower pan testing stopper, make it yourself.

OK…have you guys ever seen the shower stopper with the upper opening so you can actually fill the shower with water and leave it running without fear of it overflowing?

I had one and it never seemed to seal properly and always had to store it in a container. So I got to thinking and went to Home Depot and this is a little tool that can come in handy to check shower pans for leaks.

You can make this for a whopping…about $7 and in about 10 minutes plus silicone dry time. This was just an idea, please feel free to ctirique and upgrade.

Step uno…

Tools are a pen, scissors, Silicone caulk, a rubber flat drain stopper and 1 1/2" plastic flanged strainer tailpiece 6" long.

Mark the outside of the pipe with a pen (not the flanged side the thinner side). Cut it out with scissors making sure its as close as possible. To tight and it binds in the center and too big and it will leak.

Push the pipe through leaving the flanged part under the rubber stopper. Put silicone around the seam, cut the pipe to whatever height…I went with about 2.5".

Let the silicone dry…and BOOM…DONE.

I tried it out and it works awesome.

Just wanted to share in case someone else needed this.



Great deal Russell , Psst we will not let Sean know OK.

Seems it would be easier just to buy a tiny plunger and take off the handle.

Duh :smiley:

The smallest one I found sits about 4 inches off the ground. I wanted something a bit more shallow. Good idea though.

You can put holes in it wherever you want to. :wink:

The next nachi door prize. :mrgreen:

LOL…good point. I just worried about the flow rate to ensure it never overflowed. These are great ideas.

Duh :slight_smile:

You can also use a razor knife.

These work fine too. A little more $$$.

Nice virus site.

That is what I use. Worth every penny spent.

I stopped into a thrift store and picked up a container that is just 1/2 inch larger diameter, and a 1/4 inch taller, for about $0.10, and cut a piece of foam for the stopper to fit into so to avoid any curled edges from sitting between uses. I carry a couple of pyramid fishing weights to weigh down the edges if it doesn’t seal properly to the shower. Simple and has lasted for a couple of years so far. :wink:

You did not get a big Red Page with a virus warning Jeff?

Nope… I’ve been going to PE for years, and never a problem with their website, or products, or service.

Interesting as I just tried it again with new tab and the tab said Malware detected.
Do you mind posting the home page?

Thanks your links are fine.

I’ve used the PE types for years / Never had sealing problems.

Mine sits on the bottom of my Big Boy Home Inspector Tool Bag, and I puts my flashlight on one side (holding the flapper down) and I puts my power screwdriver on the other side (holding the flapper down). Then I puts my 750k realtor stun gun in the middle. Works great.

Must admit I just run the water normal with no goofy device designed to force a leak into the sub floor that some seller will sue me for.

Running full force is enough to test any shower as there is no reason to simulate a clogged shower.
A clogged shower is a issue into itself and the sides of a shower pan are not a water intrusion preventive devise that needs testing.

I do not purposely overflow tubs to see if the overflow drain leaks either.
Look for signs of water Intrusion under the tub / shower area and if there use your moisture meter.

If there are no signs under the area already ,what are you hoping to accomplish by getting sued for damaging the basement drywall on the ceiling if you catch my drift here.

Normal operation guys because performing stress tests can get you sued from the damage you cause.

Just something to think about is the point here.