Floor Framing

I inspected a ranch style home today that was steel post and beam, poured concrete foundation. Problem is, the floor joists were 2x4. No trusses.

How bad is this?

What was the span and spacing?

16" o.c Span was hard to tell because of ceiling finishing. Just one open gap by the HVAC.

Not sure one open gap can be a good example by which to judge the whole floor framing.

I agree Cameron and doubt very much any floor framing consisted of 2x4 framing regardless of the span. :):wink:

Agreed, unless the span is 2 or 3 feet. Something else going on there.

If there is a basement, there should be stairs where the depth of the floor can determined.

The only homes I’ve seen with 2x4 floor joists were pretty old. If the home is pretty old, it’s had plenty of time to fail, and you can describe the level of failure you see. Sometimes you can draw conclusions about what’s likely to happen in the near future from the level of failure you see.

Question, was the flooring suspended or on concrete.
I agree with Marcel.

Sheds may have 2x4" inch floor joists but a habitual space,a home, is under loading from all directions.

Observation. 2"X4" inch floor joists running span 16" oc. Name the area.
This is not typical detrimental lumber for single family homes.

Recommend: Ask the builder for full disclosure.
Recommend a licensed GC to evaluate the plans or flooring.