Floor gfci

Florida home built in 91 and home is slab on grade type home, there was a brass floor receptacle box in the living room area. Just curious should that outlet have gfci protection? I looked online and really did not find anything saying it needs to be, but when reading about wet/damp locations they do mention something about slabs so I figured I would ask

it never hurts as a safety upgrade imho, but is probably fine with the floor finishes over the slab.

It’s a finished area, including slab. It doesn’t need to have gfci protection.


As Jeff said, no GFI protection required. If the living room is a damp/wet area there are other issues.

Thank you!

What are, if any, restrictions with floor receptacle outlets?

Only restriction I know of is you can’t use a wood frame floor box in a concrete slab and vise versa. :wink:

This may help here;


Thanks Marcel. That link also says;

“When not in use, covers snap or slide into place in order to protect the outlets”


“can be outfitted with covers that are spring loaded to snap closed when the outlets are not in use.”

I remember a few discussions here before saying/recommending floor mounted (face up) outlets had to be a listed assembly, with spring loaded covers and properly sealed with gaskets.

My home town AHJ does not allow floor mounted outlets when upgrading or in new construction.

Why not? There are occasions where a floor receptacle is the only way to comply with the 6’/12’ spacing rules.

Not sure why. I’ll have to ask them.

Are there “restrictions” with floor receptacles? Do they have to be listed? Require covers, gaskets, etc.?

As far as I can recall, the only restriction on floor receptacles as imposed by NEC is that any box that you use for that purpose has to be listed as such;
And, as it frequently happens, AHJ can ‘bless’ any variations if they choose to:

314.27 (B):
(B) Floor Boxes. Boxes listed specifically for this application
shall be used for receptacles located in the floor.
Exception: Where the authority having jurisdiction judges
them free from likely exposure to physical damage, moisture,
and dirt, boxes located in elevated floors of show windows
and similar locations shall be permitted to be other than
those listed for floor applications. Receptacles and covers
shall be listed as an assembly for this type of location.

I believe long spans of sliding glass doors for example.