Floor Joist Overhang/Support

What is the proper support for joist overhang? Attached are 2 pictures that show joist overhang from girders (you can see 1 girder, but there is another behind me from where I took the picture). Also, the joists were nailed to each other. Should there be additional support added under the joist because of the overhang? There wasn’t any visible carcks in the interior drywall eventhough there was slight floor movement/unevenness in areas.
My question is should this be called out as needing additional support?

That gets into an engineering call. The laps look long enough if properly secured to each other, but my gut says no…the end of the joist should have a girder under it IMO. Isn’t the insulation upside down also?

Thanks, yes the insulation is upside down.


Do you have any idea what the span lengths were between girders?

I can’t tell from the pictures but are you sure the joists are not “sistered”? If so then the nailing may not be adequate. “sistered” joists do not necessarily need a girder under them.