Floor joist support beam

Found a support beam in the basement that was built up with 2x’s lying flat. Called it out as improperly constructed support beam needing further evaluation by a licensed contractor and necessary repairs made. Has anyone seen a support beam built and installed like this one?

Yep and it didn’t work too well. It was sagging.

That beam in the pic looks to be 75+ years old. What’s the problem with it?
Simply an ‘old school’ Glulam!!



William, was it sagging? Looks like its been there a long time

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Looks good from here for something that’s 90 years old +/-.

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if it ain’t broke…


Beam was not sagging and looked solid. However, there were issues with some of the support posts and some joists.

Is that peeling paint or wdo?

Paint. Basement was not vented and had high level of humidity.

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That basement/crawl looks like many old houses in Portland. I try to not go too specific and give “examples” of conditions. I’ll hit it harder if the floors are sagging or there’s rot, etc. If it’s just old and done different from today I might mention a lack of resisting movement in an earthquake. Just old but performing is really not a problem.


Minus the Glu part :slight_smile: