Floor joist

I have never seen this before any thoughts.
newer construction 2004
It’s 1/2 inch plywood nailed to the floor joist 18" in from the rim joist. one of the floor joist is doubled, the span is fine.

Interesting. Wonder if it has anything to do with the notched joists? At least from here they appear notched.

Yes the joist are notched. about a 1/2", plywood to keep the joist from splitting at notch?

I wonder is it to hide some thing like a hole in the joist ???

That looks like something the AHJ made the builder do because of the notch. Look at the screw pattern, very specific.

I had something similar happen to me framing a roof. The AHJ noticed one rafter had more than a 1/4 gap at the ridge and made me install plywood gussets connecting the front rafter to the rear rafter and notched around the ridge, each side had to have a minimum of 5 mails. I had to do this all the way down the roof, guy was a real pr!ck!!!

Yeah looks like stability to me.


What did you say about the hairline foundation crack ?

Contraction crack, common, not an issue, seal it and monitor.

That notch is within allowable limits.

I stated that it needed to be monitored and or repaired by a qualified foundation repair co.
That was the small one had 4- more with one being a horizontal crack about 4’0 long and getting larger, this was all built in 2004.

Yes ,I know the notches are OK, it was the plywood that was screwed to the joist that i don’t know what it was for. Thanks

I was responding to the statement that the AHJ may have required it. If he did, he needs a refresher course in joist notching. :slight_smile:

Need to download the images but today’s they had to build a kneewall for joist support.

Got it , Thanks

Heres mine
Note they avoided the junction box and no 2x4 under one joist.
Guessing they are doing this because of decay behind that drywall.

Yes it is warped there and a slight crack over the stud on the left.
Have permit so need good dialog…doing the report.

Jeff, I’m wondering if that plywood was installed as gussets to tie in additional framing to extend the double joists out past the wall. Did the joists and plywood end at a rim joist or cantilever out past the wall?

One section did the other did not. I think you got it.

Bob, stone foundation? and they are going to hang drywall. looks like the coated the stone with drylok paint. hope they use something other than drywall, looks like they still have the underground sewer line, (more fun) any sump pump system installed?

Yes stone and no not painted .
Was not worried about the foundation as it was in good shape plus shallow.

That framing is a knee wall to assist the floor joists.
The center beam was cracked as well and they put a I beam with two telescopic posts under it by the front.
Floor slants were off the chart at the 2nd fl (3 story home in Beverly)

Actually not to bad in general other than that.