Floor structure concerns

I would like to hear your thoughts on this floor structure with a 2 x 6 beam and the supporting peers. Part of the piers had no mortar while other part did. This was an add on to an existing structure. Any recommendations on how to advise my client would be helpful?

There is a lot wrong there. I like the landscaping blocks, that is a nice touch. Certainly not an approved design and likely not permitted. Call it out.

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Looks goofy. The use of garden edging block for a shim is just special. The splice joint locations are the cherry on top.


Measure once, miss it twice.

I’d probably put that the concrete blocks are not sitting on a pad foundation or footing and are dry stacked, which is not a typical construction method. also the individual beam members should be supported at connections. Recommend correction by a carpenter or foundation contractor. Further this area appears to be added at a later date, recommend checking with the present owner regarding construction methods and permits obtained.

Also there are nails going through the subfloor not hitting anything (should be attached to floor joists) recommend correction by a carpenter.

Going further i’d pay extreme attention to everything in this area

What an amateur working there!