Wood Beam construction, adequate or not?

Hi All,

I came across this beam in an inspection I did last evening. I’m already noting the terrible bolting of the posts to this beam but I have concerns with it’s adequacy too. Appears to be 4 2x10s simply nailed together, ends are lined up so there is not offsetting of span overlapping the post, and I didn’t see a drop of construction adhesive.

I’m thinking i’ll recommend a structural contract review at the least. Do I need to call it out any more. Or am I concerned for no reason?

Thanks, Mike

The two outside 2X10’s are lined up but are the middle two as well? Like a butt joint? A beam can be just nailed together and does not require to be glued unless this is an area requirement. Should have 5 nails every 16" to be within the code requirements.

Splice over post is proper.

If the bottom of the post was poured in the concrete floor I would even mention the post.

Thank you both for your feedback.

Greg, All 4 boards appear to butt up to each other at the post. I didn’t find any indication of the joints for the middle posts anywhere else in the visible range before it hit the finished portion of the basement.

Randy, Posts are poured in the concrete slab.

If all four are spliced on the post, I would have strapped them together.

Just because you can’t see them does not mean they are not installed properly.
For instance, you have a 32’ basement. The two outside layers are cut to 16’ while the inside are cut to 8’ and 16’ feet accordingly. They are all over posts but you cannot see the joints because of the posts. It is still proper and spliced even though it is not conventional. If you call it up for further evaluation and are wrong are you going to pay the engineering bill? Just food for thought.

That’s a very good point Greg. I think i’ll stick to my comments on the post attachment to the beam and leave the beam itself alone. That way i’m not risking a speculation on what’s in the finish area that can bite me later on.