Florida 4-Point: Patio Roof/Deck Leaks


I have what was originally built with the house as a screened in patio. The previous owner added windows but the area is still not under air. It’s made entirely of poured concrete & re-bar from top to bottom including it’s 6" thick flat roof, which doubles as a walkable deck outside the 2nd floor master BR but it has 2 small leaks into the patio area below.

The main roof of the house is new as of last month but most roofers didn’t even want to look at a flat concrete roof/deck so I am going with a waterproofing solution. Unfortunately, with all the rain this time of year it’s been difficult to get started.

Most insurance cos. seem to require a 4-point and/or wind mitigation inspection first so how would this roof/deck’s 2 small leaks into the patio area below affect a 4-point and/or wind mitigation inspection, if I were to get the inspections BEFORE waterproofing?

Thank you!

You are likely going to get screwed if leaks are noted. Insurance companies are flat out crooks and will screw you any way they can :slight_smile:

Sorry to be bearer of bad news but it looks as if no one else wanted to tell you.

I told you because I don’t care what those thieves think of me.

Waterproofing likely will not help you much either. Call me after 12:00pm on Monday and I’ll answer any questions you may have.

Do you own it already?