Wind Mitigation and Windspeed ratinf

Hello, so I have an insurance company telling me their underwriter won’t give the fbc credit to question one on the Mitigation form for a house built in 2011. They are claiming that the form does not give the windspeed rating like the older form used to. Please let me know if anyone has a link or pdf or some proof I can forward. Oh yea the house in question is in Brevard County Florida. Appreciate any help.

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Not sure which version of 1802 you are using. The current form OIR-B1-1802 was revised in 2012. It is the one that must be inspected to and must be accepted. See below

Information on FBC and Windspeeds can get very technical, very quickly. See below a graphic that may help

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Hello, I am using the new form but for the building code they are saying there is not a wind speed rating like on the older forms

The “new” form doesn’t address percentages of Wall Construction or Gable Bracing anymore either, as well as clarified the Nailing patterns of the RTW attachment. The form has changed over the years. Refer your Agent to the State website on current accepted version

The insurance agent is simply incorrect. They must accept the current form, even if they don’t like it.

Advise your client to call another agent/broker.

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