NEW - Automated Wind Mitigation Form

Hot off the presses…:smiley:

New fully automated B1-1802 Wind Mitigation Form complete with picture upload. This form is the complete answer to performing wind mitigation reporting, it has drop-down menus, auto-fill fields and two inspector supplemental pages for required pictures which allow you to point-&-click to instantly upload pictures into the form.

The price is $150 and this offer will expire Sunday May 2nd - Midnight.

Payment may be made through PayPal go here

Scroll to the bottom and click the PayPal button.

For me to create a custom Wind Mitigation form for you I will need the following;

  1. Inspector Name (page 1)
  2. Qualified Inspector Name (page 4)
  3. License Type (page 4)
  4. License # - or- MSFH # (page 4)
  5. Inspection Company (page 4)
  6. Phone (page 4)
  7. Scanned jpeg - Inspector Signature 300 dpi minimum
  8. Scanned jpeg - Inspector’s initials
  9. List of the counties you serve.

Send this information to

If anyone is interested in seeing a copy of the PDF file output email me and I will send it to you as the NACHI file server is limited to 256k and the file exceeds 350K.


I split the two picture pages out from the 4 information pages, you get the idea…

New-1802-Test.pdf (128 KB)

New-1802-Test1.pdf (158 KB)

I don’t think you filled it out right, The reinforced cmu foundation truss system was clipped on a 2002 building? The home built to 2001 codes lacks any protection for glazing? (although I have to admit I have seen a lot of that too.)

Sale has concluded, thanks to everyone who participated.

Thanks Joe, the form is brilliant, doing these manualy is a PITA :cool: