Florida Exam Compared to InterNACH Exam

Just a quick questiion, how similar is the Florida exam compared to the InterNACHI Home Inspector exam? I have passed the the InterNACHI exam and am preparing to take the Florida exam. Any suggestions on Florida specific material to go over?

I am in Georgia so ideally I would like to get the exam and all the other items for a Florida license knocked out in one trip.

I used internachi courses to take the Ohio exam. I completed the 15 recommended courses then took the exam. 92% passing


Very similar, if you take the Internachi Florida State Exam.

Passed the Florida exam Monday morning with a 90. The questions are worded differently but if you study the material they still make sense. Lots of ‘what does an inspector do’ type questions, some custom er service type stuff, and safety. Overall I feel it was easier than the Internachi practice exams.