Florida License Stats

Has anyone taken the test recently in Florida?

Yes, I just took it on Memorial Day and passed with a 91.

Why does it show so many people failing the exam I wonder? Was it like the Internachi exam?

Who takes the goofy NHIE in Florida when you can take InterNACHI’s exam which is much less expensive and approved for licensing in Florida?

I took it up in New Jersey because I could not find a test center that would allow me to take the inteNACHI Florida exam. After I read the first 3 questions, I was ready to walk out saying to myself that I am just wasting my time, that these questions are so hard and so not valid with what I need to know for being an hone inspector.

I just beared down and remained focused and completed the exam. I passed with an 85 but can only say that it was greatly due to taking extra online courses here then is required as a minimum.

Knowledge is power, take as many of these courses here as you can, it will only help you become more confident.

And to answer one’s question, it was not like the InterNACHI online exams. Just take InterNACHI’s,

There is even a technical error in the NHIE practice exam. The NHIE should not be used to determine competency of home inspectors.

Hey since you got a good score, what did you do to study?

Cristhian, don’t take the NHIE, take InterNACHI’s proctored exam (approved for pre-licensing in Florida): www.nachi.org/florida