Internachi License Exam

I am taking my INTERNACHI test in a few weeks for the state of Florida. I have taken a couple of the internachi practice exams available but it says that the test is nothing like the Florida test I will be taking. I am curious as to what other people’s experiences are with the test who tested in Florida if the INTERNACHI practice test is a good tool or if my study time would be better spent elsewhere. I have taken the recommended courses and quizzes on the site, the practice test, and many quizlet flashcards. If there is some other tool out there I can use maybe I missed? Any tips or advice would be much appreciated!


You may want to contact @epatterson2 and get his advice…

What is your experience and qualifications/knowledge in the construction industry?
Basically, do you know your stuff?

Took the exam last week in West Palm Beach Florida and the practice test helped me out a lot. I took the practice test maybe 10-15 times, the only thing I didn’t see much on the practice test would be termites but I had some knowledge on termites and made it through. After I passed the state exam I looked at the flash cards and saw termites on it. So flash cards and practice test should do it. Good luck to you.

Okay thanks!!. I have taken the practice test 10 times so far and bunch of stuff on quizlet. Did they tell you instantly when you passed or did you have to wait for the results?

I dunno how to rate my construction knowledge. I have been plumbing for almost ten years. I know a lot about a little is how I feel ya know haha

It’s pretty much the same as the practice test as soon as you hit submit you get the results. You can also go back to answer questions. You should have plenty of time I was done in about 35 minutes.

If you are doing ok on the practice tests, you should be ok. I was a little disappointed in how easy the Florida test was. Didn’t feel like I accomplished much by passing it. A bit of a let-down.

The real test comes during the first few years of actual inspecting. That’s when you’ll really need to have your thinking cap on.


Can you use your notes on the Florida state test?