New Member if Florida

Just wanted to give a shout out to other members. I am new to the inspection business but not to contracting. Of the courses available this seemed the most complete. It looks like I should just start at the beginning and work my way through.

If there are any other strategies that have worked for others please share with me. I am spending the next three weeks glued to my computer screen.

Any navigation tips or tips on how to retain all of this info would be most appreciated. I am figuring printing the modules, keeping them in a notebook, taking the quiz’s and studying hard to pass the test along with mock inspections. Sound about right?

Don Schoonover

Welcome Don, good luck. Where in Florida are you? Feel free to contact me if you need anything.

Hi John. Mount Dora, FL. Just NW of Orlando. Have been trying to figure out best way to navigate the classes in order to get certified. So far looks like just start at the top and work to the bottom. Just starting the course.

Any pointers?

Keep at it. Drink Coffee, visit with other inspectors do ride-a-longs and go to some conferences. Do something everyday to improve you and your business.

Don, make sure you are using the correct list of courses. The requirements for InterNACHI certification and the requirements for the state license are not the same.

This link shows everything you need to know to get your Florida license.

Of course you do want to complete the InterNACHI requirements as well.

Also go to the top of the page in the control panel and enter your location information. Knowing where you are makes it easier for members to answer any questions.

Good luck!

Don, here is the link to the course list.

Thank you. This is my new obsession.