Wind mit. inspections

We have been working with a large insurance company for the past two years and we are looking for state licensed, NACHI members to work with us on performing wind mitigation inspections around the state for this carrier, particularly in South Florida and Southwest Florida.

Please email us at if you are interested in this opportunity.


More info please, who is “we”? How much are you paying? How many inspectors do you need? How many inspections per week/month do you anticipate giving per inspector?

We is a mouse he has in his pocket. Most likely it will be a few inspection all over the counties @ $35 to $45 each. You will starve and spend all your money in gas. I bet they will pay you by the month. We, we, we…The we man, Thank but no thanks!

I dont know what he charges, but this is on his web site: “Call us today to schedule your Windstorm Survey and save 33% off our standard fee”