Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter, March 1, 2012.


Great news.

Good to see come common sense prevail for a change :slight_smile:

If you only knew…we shall see what that common sense brings in a few months…I will remind you of this thread…


I will be anxiously waiting.



As much as you sit on this board and comment on every post; I doubt you will not be waiting.


I likely will not remember until he reminds me.

I do not think I will be sitting with baited breath to see what he is talking about.

Hi Russ,

With the THOUSANDS of Inspectors in the state and they have a hard time coming up with $500 bucks a month amongst them all?

Incredible, I can see what your up against…a brick wall in my opinion with a bunch of people who don’t give a rats a s s about their future.

The herd should get culled in the next couple years, you heard it first here–:smiley:

Now that this has been defeated, since your poll shows that a majority of the voters want individuals performing the wind mits to be licensed, are you going to try to get the qualified exemption taken away from the contractors, etc.

Now that there is time, do you think it would be possible to lay out your plan either via e mail or on the message board?

I can not lay out any plan until I find out the sentiment of the members.

There are some ideas floating around, but I was asked, and must abide to, keeping thy mouth shut.

Do you guys realize the people that read these boards? Citizens reps, the OIR, Koenig, CILB people. It is really amazing when someone posts something, the people that get calls.

Every move is watched and scrutinized. If I post it all here, then they know our every move and will be one step ahead of us. Make sense?

All I can say, is that I am dillingently listening to the members and watching the polls and will strongly present our position the way the majority wants. Remember this is a GROUP of organizations coming together and making decisions. The reason we have to be Ina group, is well, to be honest, no one donates. It takes money to pay people to try and get stuff done.

This is the absolute infancy stage of this. Rome was not built in a day and things are moving. The council meeting is in 2 weeks at a FABI meeting. I will drive to Orlando and meet with the counter parts and go from there. I will notify the members via the message board as to what transpired.

Where and when is the FABI meeting?

17th is all I know as of right now at the end of the day of the FABI meeting

Is the council meeting a “closed door” meeting or is it open to all interested parties?

of course it will be closed door…they will never get anything done if it was open

Two internachi org’s have a seat at the table…I think our asses are covered now.

Unless of course some other internachi org…pops up

I think it is closed door. The council members only. BUT with that said, after the meeting I will be hunting pecking at a keyboard keeping you guys informed.

I am very proud to present the brightest and hardest working profession in the trades industry. I can think of NO OTHER trade with as much responsibility as us. People make HUGE life altering decisions based on our profession.

Thanks for all the input and keep it coming.

I did see one of those spy pens I could use…LOL

All should be allowed, comments may be another thing.

That would be great to keep it in the open for all to see. I, personally, would be fine if the council did not allow public comments to keep the meeting under control but did allow for us rank and file inspectors to attend the meeting so we can see what is going on and how decisions are made on our behalf.

Well this being my first week and all, being the new guy. I have to agree and will put it forward and see where it goes. Maybe future meeting can be held this way, if thats what the people want, I will try my best.

Russell, I just got off the phone with Bob Farr and he indicated to me that there is no reason why this meeting need be behind closed doors. I would suggest that you contact whoever else and see how they feel about allowing interested inspectors in to view and hear the discussions amongst the FHIC members. Keep in mind since the meeting will be at a hotel the size of the venue will increase the costs for the room rental.

While I’m at it I would like to invite any interested parties to attend the FABI seminar, you can register at the FABI website. It is the same weekend.

Sounds great to me. I love it when my brothers attend and can listen. I hate second hand information. But I am ALL FOR IT, let me see what I can do.

There is no reason for closed door meetings, still confused on multiple INachi representation. Russ is the first to offer input from the membership. It is a fresh start