Hot PIC: Nick Gromicko with Governor Charlie Crist.

Nick Gromicko and Charlie Crist.

Hey Nick,
Good thing you were photographed with Charlie Crist, that way we all look at you in the photo. Now if you had been photographed with Sarah Palin, well nuf said.

So please tell us what Gov. Narcicrist said about the licensing bill??

Remember, he is the one who signed the bill, and said “why shouldn’t I sign it, it gives everyone 3 years to comply”…

So what happened besides some man hugs?

Did he try to hit you up for a donation? HE is the reason there is this pos HI licensing law in FL. Jeb Bush vetoed or refused to sign the ones that got sent up to him and most if not of them were actually better than the one we ended up with. Jeb felt like there was already too much government intrusions into free markets and said so on numerous occasions.

You should have had your avatar face on, it would have been funny to then see his face! Gadzooks!!!


Well, Mr.Gromicko what aside from that lovely photo was garnered from this meeting? Our govenor didn’t swear you to secrecy did he? Or, possibly it would be a waste of time, he won’t be running for re-election anyway and the ball is in the court of DBPR who probably isn’t in his court anymore(they didn’t want the job).

I’ll be meeting with eight Florida Senators next week.

How is that possible? Is there 4 Florida’s?

Florida State Senators, not Federal.


Is the topic of Uniform (Wind) Mitigation on the agenda? In addition to getting the InterNACHI Wind Mitigation Course approved, InterNACHI inspectors should be recognized as having the ability / authority to sign off the OIR-B1-1802. This continues to be a problem for non GC Florida home inspectors and a point of confusion for the consumer.

As always, thank you for your representation.

Jeff Tatlock
BEACHSIDE Home Inspection](
Serving the following areas of Brevard County, FL: Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, Satellite Beach, Indian Harbour Beach, Indialantic, Viera, Melbourne Beach, Melbourne and Palm Bay.

I know your interests lie with promoting the best outcome for the membership with respect to the upcoming liscensing glitch bills some of which contain passages regarding the 1802 form mentioned by Jeff in a post above. When the legislature undertook this, very few contractors were interested in conducting inspection work because it was more difficult and less lucrative. Now home inspectors are being forced out because some contractors are including 1802s for no fee along with a home inspection, and the inspectors reports will be rejected in some areas regardless of experience or expertise. Too a large degree this is the result of inaccurate and fraudulent deliberate attempts by insurance agents, agencies and inspectors who can be swayed by MONEY and the promise of future revenues if they produce reports which allow premiums to be reduced with “good report findings”. The discounts afforded by certain items identified on the 1802 are significant and that is why Citizens will only accept them from State liscensed individuals. People that ostensibly are capable of them retreiving funds from. The problem here is simple contractors who have little or no experience and no training in the art/buisiness of home inspections are gaining a significant edge because they can offer this service while we can’t. I’m not going to say it isn’t fair (because the world isn’t fair) but I will say it is not right and should be corrected. (along with that horrible form)

Well put and I agree, there is something else–Insurance companies are now informing the agents that they MUST use one of the prefered inspection companies which are 1 of or a combination of Skytech, DMI or Ameripro what a cO-in-Ki-dinK. They are stateting that it is because they require a uniform platform “paperless inspection” Oh ! owned by Ameripro. So in short the monopoly I’ve been warning about is becoming a reality; Yeah, you can apply with paperless and pay the $300.00 training fee which is sub-standard to InterNachi’s FREE training, and pay a per review fee, and hope you are actually assigned some work :roll: and that the majority isn’t driven to themselves since you will be paying and working for our competitor which has been working overtime to undermine our rights. Is this all about the money and not really about who is or isn’t qualified? let me answer that—as you stated InterNachi inspectors are not considered qualified, but if you are working with paperless then your qualified. Its not what you know, its who’s getting a cut.



Unlike Citizens, these insurance companies are not state funded and so can contract with any other private companies (including Michael’s Paperless Inspection thing) for any services they desire without issuing a RFP.

Citizens is a different story.

Why do I have the feelong that Mold testing was one of the things discussed… something about that photo…

Nick, what was discussed besides NACHI?

There is a known diploma mill (ASHI) operating in FL that has no entrance requirements at all (you can join online in 30 seconds with nothing but a credit card) and even worse, it awards it’s highest “certified” membership status based solely on passing of one beginners exam (NHIE) used by many states to license newbies fresh out of school.

I am trying to get the state to agree to reject all license applications submitted by any inspector caught financially supporting (through dues) this consumer-killing diploma mill.

It is a state license and has nothing to do with association affiliation. I would bet that the state will go to its normal fallback position of requiring a contractor license applicant to provide proof of three or four years occupation in the field.

Remember, it’s government, not intelligence.

Hey Nick,

You better get all you can out of Mr. Christ while you can. After the next election he will be a private citizen and we will have to work with another governor.

Go get 'um Nick !!

  1. I want VHS movies back - DVD’s just don’t hold up
  2. I want Contractors to have to be licensed Home Inspectors
  3. I want Four Point Inspection to count for the 120-inspection proof of experience, since you have to be licensed to perform them come 2011.
  4. I want Mold SAMPLING - to be allowed without licensing if site is specified and directed by a Licensed Mitigation, Mold Inspection, or Insurance Company
  5. I want interNACHI to be approved for Wind Mitigations
  6. I want interNACHI to purchase a good size deer lease for us to use