Florida NACHI Appoints First Executive Director of Education

I know of no better candidate, that has the devotion to education and membership, than Gerry Beaumont. And it is for this reason, after much discussion with Gerry, that I am pleased to announce that Mr. Beaumont has accepted the position of Executive Director of Education for FloridaNACHI.

Building a strong NACHI State Chapter will not be easy and by all means will take time. Each individual that is selected to be a part of the Florida State NACHI Chapter MUST have integrity and honor, as well as dedication to membership as their code and be clearly displayed in their actions.

Over the next 2 weeks, I will be contacting various Florida Chapter leaders, as well as many others, to solicit their support and assistance as I embark on creating an infrastructure that is centered on assisting Florida NACHI members through Member to Member Cooperation, Support, Education, Focused Marketing, and Legislative Guidance.

Until then, please join with me in celebrating and welcoming Florida NACHI’s FIRST Executive Director of Education, Mr. Gerry Beaumont!

Great job Harvey


You truly deserve it. I must say a gracious thank you for all of the support you have personally given me over the past year.

I look forward to working with you on the State Chapter.

Congratulations Gerry! :smiley:
You certainly are the best candidate for the position.

I think I speak for many NACHI folks looking forward to continuing education in Florida being second-to-none with you at the helm.

I believe Gerry to be the best educator in our profession. Nearly everyone, even thouse outside of NACHI, concur.

I’ll tell you a funny story… I recently intecepted (many email conversations get sent to me… along with a few tapes :wink: ) an email exchange between some higher level ASHI bigwigs complaining that ASHI is not keeping up with NACHI because NACHI keeps releasing more membership benefits, projects, services, etc. The one fella actually listed some advantages NACHI has over other associations, bla, bla, bla, and in the middle of his list was the item “Gerry Beaumont”! I guess Gerry is a real NACHI asset!


Gerry, you can probably guess who it was who included you in a list of NACHI advantages.

Has Florida now become independent of the NACHI organizational structure?

Aren’t chapters allowed to co-exist and exist independently as well?

Are all chapters under the supervision of NACHI, even as it involves members determining positions within the chapter structure?

Need to know this specifically since there are several chapters in NY with a large draw of members and we were notified by headquarters that each chapter is permitted to exist independently while being part of NACHI. Has this changed?

Bill and Russell…good questions…FloridaNACHI was implemented to assist the Local Chapters in and the State Members.

This was a simple question, not to be used or construed in any other manner.

The State of Florida is unique in that they are the first NACHI State Chapter.

There are a few of us, NACHI Chapter Presidents, presiding in a State where ours may be the only progressive Chapter. The larger Chapters if you will.

Operating independently, and for the most part, are self sufficient. Wherein
Chapter Officers are elected, not appointed, to their respective positions.

Relative to this post, it appears the Florida State Chapter President, Mr. Harvey Gordon, is making appointments of positions for the entire State, rather than providing an elective process. Not unlike the actions of a new organization.

Also, as the NACHI Education Committee is presently accepting names of persons wishing to participate within their individual States, relative to this topic, with those names being submitted to the Education Committee for review, and possible approval, this announcement gives the appearance that Mr. Gordon has elected to circumvent the NACHI Education Committee.

Mr. Gerry Beaumont, a person whom I hold in the highest esteem, is also a Member of the NACHI Education Committee, and as such is aware of this program.

Mr. Harvey Gordon, being still another most exemplary NACHI member, have
along with myself and others, had face to face discussions relative to Chapter structure and organization. An exchange of ideas.

The question remains, is the Florida State Chapter now exempting themselves from the organizational structure of NACHI, and now operating totally independently, similar to InterNACHI?

If this is in fact the grand scheme of things to come, then it may be considered pointless for others to become, or continue to be, involved in the rebuilding of the various NACHI Committees, as being required due to the ever increasing growth and subsequent demands being placed upon NACHI.

It is not the intent of this response to create any disharmony or provide an avenue or outlet for out of context topics.

Hopefully, will remain a means of providing information, communication and a continued exchange of ideas.

The best of luck to both Harvey and Gerry. ( Both, Great Guys )