Gerry Beaumont to teach advanced courses for NACHI.

I am thrilled to announce that one of the best inspection trainers in the entire industry, Gerry Beaumont, has agreed to go on the road for NACHI and teach some advanced courses including New Construction Inspections and Commercial Property Inspections. Gerry is NACHI’s National Training Consultant and has recently been working with our Professional Development Director on the CMI curriculum.

Thanks Gerry!

Please put CDA & Boise on the circuit - I’ll talk to Gerry in Orlando!


Are has Courses going to be per-approved for state that require CEU?

Is Gerry approved for continuing education for NYS. The next question, is Joe going to be doing CEU for NYS?


Hi to all,

I am looking forward to doing more training for NACHI members through local chapters in the comming year, as many of you know I would rather teach than eat, and I love helping NACHI members to advance their knowledge, these 2 new courses will help members develop into growing markets, and hopefully increase their business.

Thanks Nick




My application has been submitted to NYS as an Instructor, if I am successful NACHI can have me do the electrical training if they want. I am not planning on doing any seminars myself, unless for my client AmericanTrainco.

I will be in the NYS area about 4 more times in the next few months.

1/23/06 Tampa/Orlando
1/30/06 Wichita/Springfield, MO
2/6/06 open
2/13/06 Portland, OR/Seattle
2/20/06 Memphis/Mobile
2/27/06 open
3/6/06 open
3/13/06 Manchester/Portland, ME
3/20/06 Houston/San Antonio
3/27/06 Augusta/Charleston, SC
4/3/06 Atlanta/Charlotte
4/10/06 Phoenix/Las Vegas
4/17/06 Milwaukee/Omaha
4/24/06 open
5/1/06 Dayton/Cincinnati
5/8/06 Cleveland/Columbus
5/15/06 Jackson, MS/Baton Rouge
5/22/06 open
5/29/06 Pittsburgh/Charleston, WV
6/5/06 Syracuse/Buffalo
6/12/06 Baltimore/Washington, DC
6/19/06 open
6/26/06 Albany/Rochester

Hi Ken,

Yes we will be applying for state approvals as required in the licensed states.

Rick, yes, as and when New York starts approving continuing education rather than Primary education we will make application.



Please put Atlanta on your schedule for 2006. We’ll take any date you have opened. We meet every 3rd tuesday of the month, but I’m willing to ask the members to accommmodate any date you want. We’ll take whatever you want to present, New Construction or Commercial Inspections. Let’s set a date at the convention.
Earl Beahm

Hi Earl,

I’ll be happy to come back to Atlanta anytime, but these classes will be full one and 2 day seminars, there is just too much material for evening sessions around your regular chapter meets



Way to go Gerry!

I had the pleasure of attending Gerry’s Manufactured Home course that he debuted last Saturday night here in Florida.

For those inspectors who regularly perform these types of inspections, or for those who wish to expand their business by learning to professionally perform manufactured home inspections this course is indispensable. Gerry has put together an exhaustive learning module that will impart to you the necessary knowledge to aid your clients in this difficult purchase. Thank you Gerry.


Come to our Chapter in Chicago. You can teach and eat! :cool:

Hope this helps;


Yes, I plan to teach continuing education for NY State. I have several advanced modules already written and waiting submission. I also plan to operate a primary school here in NY, once I see how Module 5 shakes out for other approved vanues. Module 5 poses some logistical and liability challenges for me (and others). The requirement is to perform actual inspections, not mock ones. These are fee-paid jaunts, with a client. So, who wants to be the lucky homeowner watching an inspector, with 5 others in tow?

Who is Gerry Beaumont?

Then Idaho, Gerry;
Teach, eat, fish, shoot & drink . . .


And who in the hell spells Jerry with a G. :roll:

Go get em Jerry. :smiley:


You are going from Buffalo to Baltimore back to Buffalo with no stop in Philly!?!?! I’ll put something together if you have the interest! I can’t be the only area guy who would want to learn more about electric!

Hi all,

I do, I need some damned differenciator, the rest of the world thinks I’m called Jerry, Gary or Garry go figure, blame my parents… thats what I do :wink:



OK, Dgjerry . . .


It’s a British thing. You know, like Petrol, Lorry and Lift. Ring me and I will explain, don’t you know.

Go figure. :mrgreen: