Pre-inspection agreement

Does anyone use there own PIA instead of the NACHI PIA. Or do you use there agreement and add to theres?

I use the CREIA only because I’m in California of course.

I use the Nachi one and added to it.

LOL I’ll bet the RE contract to buy was shorter. :lol:

In Florida, you are required to send the following:

I just make it into one document, e mail it to them, and all they have to do is either sign it digitally, print one page and sign that or sign a copy I bring with me if I haven’t gotten a signed copy, prior to leaving the office.

It takes me less than 2 minutes to do it.
Sorry if it doesn’t meet your approval. :mrgreen:

Me to :slight_smile: I tell them to sign saying they have viewed it on my site and provide a link plus tell them they can verify it at

I use Docusign for all my inspections and it works great. I have a signed copy ready to go days before the inspection.

Dang you get days before inspections :slight_smile:
They all want them yesterday for 1/2 price when the call me.

That is what they do after I tell them the price!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

All booked up this week…and I need it if we are going to move:Magnum Inspections North Headquarters

Mistake IMHO. CREIA’s pre-inspection agreement references CREIA’s SOP which is nothing short of atrocious.

I’ll do the wind mit for you…for a booze cruze.