Florida Pricing Advice

I am fairly new to the area and am trying to position myself competitively but at the same time do not want to undersell as this only drives prices down. I truly believe I provide a thorough and professional service but some of the pricing I am seeing out there is very low. For example 2000 sq ft $195.00.

Does anyone have a good price gauge for Broward County?

Hi John & good luck out there!
Unfortunately South Florida is infested with “prostitutes of the industry”.
I really don’t know what to tell ya.
I remember one that advertises ANY home $299.00.
My fees are on the high end - large homes with prestigious clients who do not shop price, they want quality, like the home they’re buying.
So… if you are the unknown one & don’t have a referral base yet, looks like you have to rely on agents by soliciting them, etc.
I also remember one guy getting started gave out flyers (or with a list you can blast email) offering ANY home for $100.00, $200.00, whatever.
Pretty lousy BUT it got him jobs to hopefully start a referral base.
Better than sitting home watching TV.

Thank You Marc,

Its always tough starting over but I have been there before so no doubt it will work out in the end. My efforts will be focused on the agents for know and knocking on some doors etc. I have no issues working for a bit less as I establish myself but didn’t want to go cheap for cheap’s sake if that makes sense!

Thanks again for your advice and feedback.