Florida Radon Testing Labs

I am just getting into this, and I am wondering what lab you recommend for testing radon for reports? I plan to use a continuous monitor.

Should I buy or rent a continuous monitor?

I am a certified measurement technician.

Thanks, John

RENT one until you figure out if you actually have need of one and can turn a profit. Many can’t and wind up selling their CRM’s on eBay and Craigslist!!

Fastest way to find yourself out of business with depleted savings is buying stuff you have no idea the need and demand in your service area. .


Thanks so much. You’re right - very wise words. I appreciate the fast response, as well!

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John, based on your statement of being a certified testing technician, I am assuming that it is through the State and not just a class?

If you decide to use CRM’s, you need to make sure they are NRPP and/or NRSB radon proficient based on what I gather from Florida. Most all the CMR’s that are approved are capable of generating the report for you, so no lab is necessary for the report. The units do have to be calibrated either on an annual or semi-annual basis. As JJ stated, you can find good used units online and that’s where I would start with buying one.

Professional charcoal canisters is another option that is less expensive, a little more time consuming and do need to be sent to a lab for the report. This may be an option to start out with until you get a feel of how this additional service may flow with your business.

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your response.

Yes, I am certified through the state.

Although I am going to use the CRM, I was under the impression that we still had to send it to the lab-email the report. I could be wrong. Any help is appreciated.

Not sure about state requirements for CRM self generated reports having to sent to a lab for further evaluation. Maybe @mgoldenberg or other FL inspectors can help with that. I am only aware of canister style testing having to be sent to labs. Hopefully a FL inspector will step in and clarify.

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Thank you so much, I sure appreciate all your help on this.

That’s what we’re here for John. Best inspector “tool” you’ll ever carry. :wink:

That is so true! It’s priceless.

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Call my friend Ben Fontan, VP of Pro-Lab. He will answer your questions.
Tell him I gave you his cell number 954-914-0014

Ok, thank you I will do that.