Extending My Vacation

Sitting in Airport waiting to take flight to visit family in Lakeland FL. Its 18 degrees here today in Metric Detroit so I’m looking for a little warmth. I’m sending my jobs to a couple NACHI brothers in my area while I gone.

It is going to freeze Wednesday morning.

High today low 50’s.

I don’t think you will find it where you are going! It is 44 degrees here in South Florida and in the 30s tomorrow.

Head west young man. Florida is overloaded with old people and home inspectors.

It’s going to be in the mid 70’s today in Los Angeles. Pass the sunscreen. :cool:

Almost 80 here today here in the Middle East. Going to be about the same clear through March :slight_smile:

It was 47 degrees with a stiff wind here in “Florida” yesterday. It dipped down below freezing last night. Any snowbirds thinking it is gonna be balmy and delightful here needs to get a clue. Sun is out today but it is noon and below 50 deg. I am cleaning up the office paperwork from last year and getting all the tax crap together today. Do not come to FL if you are looking for a warm spot.

40 to 50 degrees is shirt sleeve weather for folks used to a high of zero;-):wink:

Spend a couple of years down here and that changes real quick.

It won’t hit 50 here today. But it will be back in the 70’s on Friday.

After a few summers here, your blood gets thin as tater water. My fountain froze last night. That is about as cold as I want it to get.

Just spent time in an unheated dump and my toes/fingertips were frozen.
26 degrees but feels colder.

Well it’s about 3 degrees here today, so to me 40-50 despite all the old people and homies sounds like heaven.

A mere -17 C and a wind chill of -30 C, so you guys have no idea what cold is.

I suspect Bob in chicago knows what that feels like Kevin, I am so not enjoying this brief cold spell at all, stuck my head out the door earlier and promptly went back in those wind chills are brutal. I think our windchill was -26C , 3 F, that’s -16C, so your not that much colder where you are Kevin.

Not there yet however we got a late start and had our first inch or two just the other day.(usually first week of November on average.)

I would rather have normal cold winter than climate change.

Forcast was wrong again. It got up to 81 degrees today.

Was only 77 here today, I had my insulated under-britches on…!



The weather is here/wish you were beautiful. (Buffet)

You live in some nice warm weather areas.

I have no complaints. I enjoy the seasons. It has rained a lot as we set a record for 2011.

It has been warm with little snow and it is supposed to be high 40’s later this week.

I bought 4 X 4 and want to test the low gear of the 4 wheel drive. No need to really use yet.

My vehicle is trail rated. Maybe I will tear up someones lawn I do not like.

Take care my friends, stay safe!!

Well I’m here, played indoor video golf game all day with many lPA’s . Sunny and balmy 58F today…