Florida Roofing - Post Hurricane Michael - Starter Shingle / Bonding Question

I have been doing several roof inspections since Hurricane Micheal hit in Oct 2018. I have noticed a common theme that I have received different responses about. On the first course of shingles on the eve sections, I have seen numerous roof coverings that have an additional starter strip shingles applied to the roof eve. I know that this is an acceptable way to bond the first course when installed properly. I also know that the cellophane strip on the underside will eventually “dissolve” when the roof heats up and completely bonds to the drip edge (This I have heard from several roofers, I don’t fully believe this). So my question, I know the FRC R905.2.8.5 for the drip edge states that if the drip edge is installed over the underlayment, then a minimum of 4" of roofing cement must be applied from the drip edge back under the roof covering. Does this still apply with the starter shingles? I have got mixed responses with this and I want to ensure I’m documenting it correctly as a defect or not in my clients reports. Many of the new roof coverings thus far have yet to bond due to the cooler conditions and most roof covering I am able to uplift the first course of the shingle layer…(Sorry, not the best picture but I hope you get the idea!)