Florida Test Prep

So I have passed the InterNACHI 120 hour class and CPI Exam

When people refer to the “Practice Exam”, is this the test they are referring to?

I have taken this test a number of times. I am currently going through the 2000+ test prep questions.

Just trying to figure out if I’m on the right track, because there seem to be a lot of questions in the 2000+ bank that were not covered in the 120 hour class.

I will be taking the interNACHI Proctored exam

Carl, take this test until you score in the 90s regularly and you should be good to take the proctored exam.


That link just goes to the 2000+ practice questions. No scoring test, just the sample questions

Huh? It used to score in sections e.g. Elec, Plumbing, etc.

Larry, click on the Link you posted. where does it send you to? Cause when I click on it. It takes me to a page to a link to the 2000+ practice questions, not a graded sample test.

Carl, I never could get that 2000 questions one to score me either. The inspector exam for CPI is very similar to the Florida exam, I took that one about six times. Be sure to go over the WDO course because there are a few questions on there.

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Yes, I did and it used to score in the past, Carl. Mea Culpa

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