Florida Test

I’ve taken the Proctored test, and wondering does anyone know when we can apply for license in Florida and what the exact procedure will be.?

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Has anyone gotten specific / official approval that this “proctored” test has been accepted by the state?

I talked to DBPR last week and they do not have a clue on any of this yet and the woman I was talking to seemed to have a attitude about the questions I was asking.

Nothing other than the email received from the Department and posted within www.FloridaInterNACHI.org

Currently, the Department isn’t accepting exams for grandfathering. They are accepting membership in a state or national association that has certain requirements, one of which is a proctored exam. Florida InterNACHI requires membership in InterNACHI, so *Florida InterNACHI’*s requirements are in addition to InterNACHI’s requirements.

I don’t foresee any problems with the Department as there is no other inspection association in the state of Florida that has requirements any where near as robust as FloridaInterNACHI’s.

The Florida interNACHI exam is not a " Grandfathering exam". It is specifically for certification membership in FLorida interNACHI. As Nick pointed out you must either be - or become a interNACHI certoified inspector and be in good standing to recive our certificate - EVEN IF YOU TAKE THE EXAM. The Exam is not a free ride or way for unqualified inspectors to beat the system.

And believe it or not - most of those who have sat for the exam so far - are extremely experinced long term Home Inspectors who understand the value of membership. Very few - " new to the business" have signed up. And those that have - must still meet interNACHIs qualifications if they pass the test at all.