Flue connection

PVC vent from gas furnace connected directly to lined masonry chimney flue. This connection does not appear to be correct, any opinions? :slight_smile:




Some use the old chimney as a way to get the pvc pipe outside. Did the pvc run up and out the top of the chimney?

The PVC does not continue to the chimney top. This termination may not provide adequate drafting. In addition, condensation may cause chimney deterioration. A water heater is also connected to the chimney flue. Same drafting and condensation concerns. From my research, high efficiency furnaces gas furnaces and water heaters should not be connected to a masonry chimney. This may be the first time I have seen a PVC vent connected to a chimney. Metal flue connections are quite common. :slight_smile:

About 10 years ago, a family of four in Saskatchewan was killed by CO after their older metal chimney became blocked with frost/ice from condensation during a very long/cold spell of weather. The high efficiency gas furnace had been simply vented into the existing flue/chimney.

Read the HVAC manufacturer’s instructions!!!

In Missouri, high efficiency furnaces got to be piped directly outside, no termination in chimney is allowed. I use to own a heating and cooling company, that is how I know.

Not in most of Missouri. Furnaces are allowed to vent into the child’s bedroom if that is where the unlicensed and unregulated HVAC tech puts it there.