PVC pipes exiting masonry chimney

HI everyone,

I am currently a student, and I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on this condition I encountered.

Is there any situation where it is appropriate for plastic pipes to be exiting a lined chimney? This picture was taken from the road for part of an assignment, so I was not able to go inside this house.

Thanks for your help,


Yes, there is.



as long as the only thing using that flue is the hi efficiency furnace that is utilizing the pipes You are looking at.


Yes. As long as the masonry chimney was only being used as a chase for the high efficiency furnace/boiler.


Thanks, everyone. Also, because there is no rain cap, isn’t there an issue with rain entering the chase? And perhaps rodents?

A piece of hardware cloth is recommended when near an area where rodents could get in. This application above the roofline is one I wouldn’t worry about.