Plumbing vent into chimney

Plumbing vent terminated into chimney in the attic. The chimney is also used for gas-fired water heater and furnace in basement to exhaust combustion by-products to the exterior.
How/would you comment on and why?

Thanks in advance.


How do you know this? That pic alone does not tell me the entire story, so I have no opinion yet.

Not 100% sure, why do you ask?

Because you asked for opinions. I can not/will not comment without all the facts. You didn’t provide them. I asked for them.

I am trying hard to think what would be wrong with sticking a galvanized plumbing vent into a chimney and coming up blank other than it is probably not to code. (vent terminations shall be in open air), but who knows what the code was back when this was done, and maybe the chimney is open air???
Or maybe the chimney draft would affect the traps drying out quicker? (probly not much)
It might be a good solution to plumbing vents freezing in winter :slight_smile: