Flue discharging at A/C condenser

I have a goodman high effeciency furnace flue that is discharging directly at the A/C condenser outside. Both are pretty new. My thought is that the acids in the flue gasses will eventually deteriorate the paint and possibly the fins on the condenser. We’re talking less than a foot clearance between the exhaust and the A/C

Any thoughts?

You should be fine as long as you used the 3" PVC Tee at the end. The flue gases tend to go straight up. I installed the goodman 95% and new condensing unit last year. I looked all winter an the exhaust did not come near it and it is pretty close. They are great units. Good luck

Yea, that would be nice, but it doesn’t have the Tee. That’s what I have at home too. This one is elbowed and directed right at the condenser LOL

If this is for an inspection, I think its a defect. I think that goodman specifically states in the installation instructions that a tee is required.