Water heater exhaust?

Has anyone ever seen this - The unit said it was a sealed system, There was no venting at the top at all. This was in a mobile home. Thanks for any help

it just looks wrong

this was from yesterday…

It doesn’t look right to me either. The vent on a water heater isn’t usually that big. The thing is in mobile homes they usually require furnaces and water heaters to be listed for use in a mobile home. Die to their small size and being pretty air tight the gas appliance are more likely to have spillage into the home. Did you notice the cap that was on the roof? This could be a double pipe brining in the fresh air.

WOW! 6 violations in 3 pictures.



??? On the rooftop??? That’s most certainly a safety hazard if not.

Chris, that is a Residential Direct Vent Manufactured Home Gas Water Heater. Go to the State Industries web site click on view instructional manual, then go down to select MH SV & DV click on pdf 2919340