FLUKE Announces New Cameras & Price War Reduction

**FLUKE Announces New Cameras & Price War Reduction

New cameras … TI27, TIR27, TI29 and TIR29
(280 x 210 IR resolution and… 240 x 180 IR resolution)

Price reductions on other cameras … TI25 and TIR1

$1000 cash back on the Ti32 and TiR32](http://texas-inspection.com/fluke3.pdf)
(plus our insane student discount on top of that).
Cash Back Deal Good till the end of May.

For those who want the lowest price entry level camera for home inspections
and energy audits (meets RESNET standards) we have the lowest prices
on the FLUKE TiS.

Free delivery and no taxes to USA (for our students).

Remember… you can drop a FLUKE camera from 6 ft and it will not break.


Several of these cameras have new features and enhancements… more details coming.

Our students, who take our IR class, get prices that are way way lower than
the any list price. See our IR class website at…** http://www.infrared-certified.com**

Contact me for details on student discount camera prices… john(at)infrared-certified.com

Also, InterNACHI members get $100 off their next renewal fee and free membership
to non-members…:wink:

Our IR class is the offical InterNACHI INFRARED CERTIFIED webinar.

I do not sell IR cameras, but find good deals for my students.

Contact me for details on student discount camera prices…


So when is FLUKE going to release an upgraded Ti-32?

The Ti-32 could dominate it’s class if it simply had recording capabilities, a USB out plug, and a quicker way to change between the lens settings and a few of the other settings.

It’s quite a trade-off deciding between the FLUKE and the FLIR. Both cameras have big pluses and minuses. If both cameras adopted each-others pluses than the decision would be quite easy and just come down to customer satisfaction.

It seems FLIR did try and make the leader in the 320x240 class camera with the E series but has had some set-backs. I’m just wondering if FLUKE is going to give it a shot?

I ask that same exact question every single time I see a new Fluke camera, where is the video? However, I will admit USB is a horrible option for video. I really thought they would really up the game and do HDMI on their new cameras, although this is a mid range upgrade, so maybe a revamp of the Flexcams might yield that or on board video storage of some sort.

BTW John it is 2 meters on the drop, which is 6.6 ft. Just splitting hairs at that point. I have actually dropped one 30 ft on to concrete, still works.

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At least this guy is honest enough to show the price with no bull about top secret information.

You could say $5,000 off but with no actual price listed it is useless hype.

Are your customers under top secret silence also ?
Lets hear the truth guys.

How much is that camera ?

When you start getting phone calls and written notices from the main office of FLUKE and FLIR to stop publishing non approved prices, it will make you think twice about doing it again. Ask any dealer if I am not speaking the truth Mr Bob. My sales reps can loose their right to sell.

Post has $1,000 cash back and price reduction all over the page.
Why even show that then?

When you do not talk price then it should be out of the conversation totally.

Thank you for telling me what we are allowed to say on the forum.:roll:

I say as much as possible. Many people contact me for the prices that I cannot publish in public. I am sorry that offends you, but I did not make the policy. It is beyond my control.

When did you become the forum police?

In addition the Ti32 will be 45mk starting June 15th. The TiR32 will go to 40mk at the same time.

The TiR1, Ti25, Ti10 and TiR have all been upgraded and prices reduced.

It is too much to list all of it here, if you drop me a PM or email I will get you over the new spec sheets.


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[Arizona Infrared Services](Jason Kaylor - JJ AC Tool Supply Arizona Infrared Services 877-207-1244)

Jason is correct. More news to follow.

Tis old news at this point.

Fluke Ti29 60HZ

Fluke TiR29 60HZ

Fluke Ti27 60HZ

Fluke TiR27 60HZ

All of them are USA made. All accept additional lenses (wide angle and telephoto). Lenses are $995.00

Personally, I see the Ti27 as a good mover due to the higher resolution vs other cameras at that price point. The Ti29 (currently) is only $500 cheaper than the Ti32. Doesn’t make much sense to buy a Ti29 vs the Ti32 at this point.

All prices are USA list.


Jason Kaylor - JJ
AC Tool Supply
[Arizona Infrared Services](Jason Kaylor - JJ AC Tool Supply Arizona Infrared Services 877-207-1244)

Still more news coming and BTW… our prices are way way lower:slight_smile:

One other note on these cameras. Get a demo. Each generation of Fluke camera has outperformed its ratings vs the previous generation. For example the image from a Ti32 is better than the Ti55 even though both of them have the same resolution and thermal sensitivity specifications. This is why not all cameras are equal and datasheets mean nothing.

Your local Fluke rep will be more than happy to come out and show you all the cameras that are available throughout the entire line. They will also recommend a local distributor that in the long run will save you money, even if it means more up front.


Jason Kaylor - JJ
AC Tool Supply
[Arizona Infrared Services](Jason Kaylor - JJ AC Tool Supply Arizona Infrared Services 877-207-1244)

Maybe so, but can you provide your customer with a loaner if they send it in for service, calibration or any other reason?

We had a customer that had his camera stolen the morning before doing a $2700 inspection. Would you be able to give him one for the day, or just remind him he saved X% on the initial purchase?

As we speak a Nachi member has a loaner Ti32 from a California Fluke rep because his is in for calibration. This client would not be able to do jobs for 2 weeks while waiting for his camera, what is that worth? Will you be able to contact all the different reps throughout the country and hook that up for your customers? Seeming how FLIR and Fluke are sending you this hate mail that you speak about, I doubt it.

Can you drop a single email to the head of FLIR US distribution and have him (Thanks a ton DJ) contact a Nachi member and get his E60 scooped up quickly and replaced? Heck most people cannot even get an E series right now…including us. Although in this situation it happened to Will.

Finally, if you have a customer that has bought 17 cameras in a 3 month period would you be able to hook them up with a NTSC video out (real video out, not USB) camera for a trade show they are doing. They ended up selling over 150 energy audits in 3 days at that show. It is not all due to the camera, but it is nice having live real time IR video drawing people to your booth. 150 energy audits vs X% initial savings on an IR camera? Easy choice. Not to mention the win/win situation for both parties. They sell more energy audits and guess what, they need more cameras.

I am not knocking your course. I think all HIs should take it. I also think in the long run you potentially harm your clients by “two stepping” cameras. I totally get what you are doing and that you are trying to provide a great service and value to Nachi members. However, as someone who runs an IR business and a supply company I know and see what they give up in the long run.

Jason Kaylor - JJ
AC Tool Supply
[Arizona Infrared Services](Jason Kaylor - JJ AC Tool Supply Arizona Infrared Services 877-207-1244)

Me and John do not see eye to eye, but I will give him credit, he did save me $1000 on the lowest price I found when I bought my TIR32.

Now fluke support sucks Bad. I called to order parts for my old TiR1. Battery and charger. Battery was like $7 and the charger was $88.

Here is the funny thing. I call the number and a lady answers who is in the customer service area. She does not know part numbers. She sends me to a guy who then sends me to another guy. I get the part numbers and get transferred back to lady #1. She takes my order. Then guess what she says…I will forward your info to the sales department and they will send you an email.

This is a multi billion dollar company? Fluke is a decent product, their customer support is horrible.

If you can not disclose price…
How is it that Fluke and Flir Vendors sell on Ebay?

So how much did you pay if it is such a great deal and why are you keeping silent ?
Seems strange to anyone reading this Russell.


This is a great example. What can John do you for right now? If you bought from a distributor, guess what they will have laying around. Did you get your battery yet? If not I will make it happen, quickly and cheaper.

Granted you have a Ti32 and a TiR1, but what if you only had the TiR1 and you had someone call wanting to know if you can show up tomorrow to do an IR inspection?



Actually 99% of the guys that sell on Ebay are guys like John that have set up “two step” deals or are distributors just waiting to get their product line pulled by either manufacturer. Neither manufacturer allows it. Once again you will run in to future problems when any type of service or parts are needed…IE Russell’s battery.


This whole thread is double talk and makes me feel like MR Haney from Green Acres is posting with his buddies.

having used infrared
in my past work experience.
I would only do Flir…

but that me…