Fluke TiS Forsale

I have a Fluke TiS Infrared Camera Forsale-Open Box Complete, NOT USED, Best Offer, E-mail me I’ll send ya pictures. Thanks!

id be a buyer at $900.00

That would be a great price but it’s really far off… Thanks for looking!:cool:

They go for $2000 new. Should be able to get a used one for half that price.

Does anybody know about Show Range SRU160 series IR cameras? Does anybody work with it?

Yesterday I saw a new Flir i3 on sale for $995. I suspect there is an old model. When I tried to compare the images of i3 vs. i7 I did find no sufficient quality improvement, while the Pixels are 4 times more for i7. Who could explain the practical difference in between i3 and i7? How both of them are practical to Commercial / Home inspections?

Stay with at least 120x120 thermal resolution with 100 mK sensitivity to meet RESNET standards. The i3 does not meet this but the FLIR i7 does and so does the FLUKE TiS.

Our students get the lowest prices in the U.S. for all FLUKE and FLIR cameras (I do not sell cameras).