Fluke Ti32 / Fluke TiR32 & Level X Infrared Certification Package

Nick has recently pulled my competitive strings, and I am happy to oblige to benefit Nachi members.

All of our Fluke Ti32 and Fluke TiR32 infrared camera models will now come with free Level 1 infrared training (level II or III also available to those that already have I or II) via the Infraspection Institute distance learning program. You can also opt to do it hands on if you are in the Philadelphia area, or do not mind traveling. If you already have Level I or II you can choose any Infraspection training. (click the distance learning program link below for all course listings)

**The Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® program is compliant with **international standards organizations such as ISO and ASNT.

As many of the more experienced thermographiers here already know, home inspection is just one of many avenues that infrared can increase your revenue stream. Certified Infraspection Institute training will cover most of these revenue streams, as well as give you great ideas on who and how to market infrared more effectively and profitably. Combined with the latest state of the art infrared camera from Fluke, that can handle most of these applications, it is a truly unbeatable deal.

Infraspection FAQ](http://www.infraspection.com/FAQ.html)

Level I Certification](http://www.infraspection.com/courses_Level_1_Intro.html)

Level II Certification](http://www.infraspection.com/courses_Level_2_Intro.html)

Level III Certification](http://www.infraspection.com/courses_Level_3_Intro.html)

Distance Learning Program](http://www.infraspection.com/courses_distance_learning_general.html)

Fluke Ti32](http://www.aikencolon.com/fluke-ti32-industrial-commercial-thermal-imager.html) - $8995.00

Fluke TiR32](http://www.aikencolon.com/fluke-tir32-building-diagnostics-thermal-imager.html) - $8995.00

For anyone that adds on the 10mm & 40mm lenses ($995 each), we will also throw in John McKennas dedicated home inspector infrared training. If you have already taken John’s course we will reimburse you the cost of his course with the lens add on and purchase of the camera/infrarspection training deal.

I will keep this special in place for Nachi members only. If you are not a Nachi member and would like to take advantage of this offer please contact Nick Gromicko at http://www.nachi.org/forum/sendmessage.php?do=mailmember&u=2](http://www.nachi.org/forum/sendmessage.php?do=mailmember&u=2) to enroll for Nachi membership.

For a limited time with this offer, we will throw in a one year listing in our infrared inspector directory. We will design and SEO a listing in AC Tool’s infrared inspector directory ($500 value). Even in highly competitive markets (large cities) we can get you in to the top 3 in google. Top rankings in google are worth more than the camera and the training combined.

Jason Kaylor – JJ
VP of Speciality Products
AC Tool Supply](http://www.aikencolon.com/)

We offer the same camera + training + free InterNACHI membership for…
(I will make all the sales reps mad, so just let me put it like this… I can
save you a K).

We have the lowest prices for IR cameras and training in the USA and
interNACHI members know it.

InterNACHI’s offical Infrared Training Class - http://www.infrared-certified.com

I am only going to acknowledge this responce (or your future responces) on this matter once.

Please don’t confuse people. Your training is not Level I/II/III certified training. It does not carry an ANST or ISO rating of any type.

If people wish to search your past posts, in past threads you have acknowledged the fact that your training is only directed towards HI’s. And I remember a go around you and OJ (a level III thermographier) had concerning emissivity. During that thread you said that emissivity is not important for your students because they are just HI’s doing HI’s. Emissivity is very important outside of the HI arena, and I would argue inside it as well (why would FLIR and Fluke add emmisitity correction to their cameras), but that is for another thread.

I am not discrediting your training, it has its place in the HI arena, and it is worth what you charge for it in that arena. That is why I threw it in for free with the purchase of a camera and the lenses. Technically I lose money on offering that, but I know a lot of the people here wouldn’t mind adding on training that is dedicated to their primary profession.

Jason Kaylor
VP of Speciality Products
AC Tool Supply

Since that information is all over my website, I am glad you spotted that. :wink:
I bet HI reading this thread know that too.

Thanks for offering my course.

Which leads me to ask this question again that I asked in this thread http://www.nachi.org/forum/f58/ti-training-and-certificates-absoultely-needed-43042/

What training is needed OR recommended at a minimum for HI’s? I know it varies but what do most of you have at a minimum? What’s the norm for Home Inspectors?

Level 1?

John M’s course?

Suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

Here is what I recommend when people ask me.

  1. Take level 1.
  2. Take John’s course if your are an HI.
  3. Take speciality courses based on jobs you are getting asked for or what to pursue.
  4. If you are interested in Equine work goto http://www.vet-therm.com then call VetTherm and ask to speak with Dr Donna Harper. She is a vet that does IR training and IR Equine sciences. As a thermographier you do not want the liability that is associated with any medical field. She will interpret images for her students (for a fee which is cheap). At that point you are now just the “xray tech” or “MRI tech”. You just take images and charge for those services. The Vet makes the medical interpretations.

If you are an HI I would also highly recommend getting some field experience in between steps 2 and 3, if not get field experieces between 1 and 3.

Currently I find in our IR inspection business the best money currently is in commercial electrical, flat roof inspections, equine and industrial.

Jason Kaylor
AC Tool Supply

HUNDREDS of home inspectors have taken the interNACHI official infrared
certified training class and went on to do thermal inspection without any
other classes. The proof is in the pudding.

If you want to spend more later, you can do that too.