Price to Pay for Used Fluke TIR

I would like some help with a used IR Camera Pricing.
Its a Fluke TIR, Used but no scratches on lens or screen. Missing a charger.
For those of You whom are experienced in the equipment, please tell me what you feel it may be worth, site-unseen but with a guarantee that if somethings wrong, he will give the money back.

$1,500., $1,800., $2000., etc. also a simple why, will help educate me further.
I’m asking because $2600. buys you a new IR and class for certification.

Thanks in Advance

Guys, Please if you could just give your thoughts. I have to give this guy an answer in the morning. Help if you can.

Cheap camera + cheap certification. sounds like a win win situation.

Steven, the camera advertised with the cheap certification doesn’t even have a built in digital camera, so comparing it to a used TiR is not really a fair evaluation for pricing.

I highly recommend not buying a used camera that is not under warranty. IR cameras are a lot different than most used goods. 90% of its value is in one piece of the camera.


Thank You for the reply. The seller decided that after he had seen the camera like he was selling on Ebay, he would wait to see what it sold for. If I would agree to pay what it sold for on Ebay it would be a done deal. He called an said he wanted $2,500. or no deal. I took your advise on the used camera, along with the price. (Not taking the chance).

I know Fluke sells extended warranties. I am not sure about FLIR and very sure Testo doesn’t.

I am not 100% sure you can get an extended warranty from Fluke on a used unit, but I would not see why not. I will find out tomorrow for you.


Jason makes some good points. It sound like you need to take an IR class before you buy a camera based on just guessing… IMHO.


As a side note. I have 1 and only 1 TiR1 demo unit left. If you have considered jumping up from the TiR to the TiR1 but was turned off due to price, we can get really aggressive on demo units. They still carry full factory warranties and were only used at trade shows. This one in particular was only turned on a handful of times at a show. If I put it next to a brand new one I doubt you could even tell there was a difference.


Sounds like it’s so good to be true…

If it’s hard to believe, it is…???

So what do you think?
Your the one looking into it.

Jump! Jump!!! But I ain’t holding your hand…


You referring to my last post?

Well here goes,
I have been using a TIR for 3 years now. I was the eight on the delivery list.

It has served me well and truly was designed to withstand the job of home inspections. I was down in a tunnel once, bit of a blast happened. I got put on my you know what and guess what still ticking.

I know that more resolution and better sensitivity are all the rage but I will tell you that looking at my 120x160 images has taught me to look long and hard and find things.

Well this whole thing was suposed to be about price. I have had reps trying to sell me the TIR32 fore some time now and all are willing to give peanuts for my imager. That tells me it ha value and they want ot make money on both ends. I figure it is worth about half the 4500 plus I paid because Fluke doesn’t make cheep equipment. Try and drop one of those other brands.

People buy high end products expecting longevity and Fluke delivers.