flyer promoting Aging-in-Place Inspections

This 5.5 x 8.5 flyer is available for download in the Marketing Library:

If you would like InterNACHI’s Marketing Department to customize this flyer for your business, email me at

very nice.

Nice work Nick.
That is truly today’s needs and marking a overlooked and logical demographic of today’s residential marketplace.
Right ON!!

Nick, I know inspection software like HomeGuage have a Nachi template but how about one for things like this?

If you are a HomeGauge client, email Russel and tell him to get on it.

Are there any flyers in the marketing library introducing the home inspector to the real estate agent? Didn’t see one, but may have overlooked it.
InterNACHI’S Jessica does it all for free.
If my memory is correct.
She did a brochure for me and a business card if I am not mistaken.
All the free marketing, educational gifts on needs to be a valued HI.
Ask Nick himself about Jessica.


Flyer is specifically targeted,


I was hoping if anyone can tell me if they are having any luck marketing this service? I am a Homegauge user and wonder if anyone did find out information on such a template?


What do you think about a Nachi course and “certification”?

Tried this for years. Even gave my mom and dad copies of aging in place tips, talked to them to tell them what should be done to make their home safe, did not want to listen or read about things that could help them as they age. Tough sell.

Where have we heard that hmmm:D.
Older people are tough that’s why they are old.

Yes, but their “caregiver” would be open to it. I think this is a big untapped market.

I recieved my certificate 4 years ago for CAPS, Certified Aging in Place Specialist. I have been a keynote speaker on this topic and it is indeed a hard sell. All the information people need is all over the internet.

On the other hand this is a great vehicle for remodeling contractors.

I have spoken at home shows and a casino and the events were well attended but I found most people “knew of someone” who could benefit but it wasn’t them. I still think its a good thing to be an expert on. My advice to anyone inspecting for this is to learn the products first because there’s way more out there than you would guess including hardware to tubs.