We need your input on new brochure topics

InterNACHI is in the process of designing a bunch of new brochures and marketing materials which we will get printed in bulk and then offer to members at a low price.

What topics would you like to see covered?

Reasons why it makes NO SENSE to hire a cheap inspector for the most important purchase of most folks life.

I’ll review anything you come up with for ya. Send it to me regular email and i’ll review and comment for you. I’m bored and stuck on the couch and would be glad to help this fine org any way I can.

Use the one thing NACHI does best HIGHER EDUCATION for inspectors

Wet basements
site drainage
underground oil tanks
aluminum wiring
ungrounded three prong receptacles
wood stoves
dryer vent safety
improper deck construction

A book might be nice instead :stuck_out_tongue:

I am with Juan … Or Troy… Or both…;)@—

The reasons why they shouldn’t hire the cheap guy!

Why a home inspection is vital before a purchase and the value of a pre-listing inspection.

Leave a large space for stamping our names on them or attaching cards etc… Keep it simple stupid and i’ll buy a bunch.

I’m with Juan- I rarely see multiple issues on one home and a book is way too much information- If I could hand someone a brochure on a specific item like mold it would be beneficial. I also would like to see it INCLUDE EPA recommended instructions for cleaning and removing said mold.

I suppose it depends on who your target is. We market to Realtors and homebuyers with our brochures so we include general information about the company, our experience, etc. We have postcards that are more specifically targeted to Real Estate agents. They seem to work well because they don’t have to be opened. On the way to the circular file, they are FORCED to read part of it.

My advice is to put aside 3-4 inspection’s worth of income and get with a local advertiser and make some professional marketing pieces (brochure, a series of postcards, sent out over a set period of time, thank you cards, etc.). Best money ever spent, for us anyways. We have gotten business that far outweighs the cost of the marketing. As always, YMMV :slight_smile:

Don’t make too wordy. Does anybody really read brochures? I vote for postcards instead. People are forced to read your most important message while they are tossing it into the trash :slight_smile: Maybe something catches their eye, and they call you. That’s the most one can expect.

I agree Darin. For most topics I’m thinking the best option will be rack cards, which you can use as a standalone handout or include with your existing brochure.